Fitness Trends at ISM

Article by: Ishani S.

Edited by: Cecilia I.

Graphic by: Rhia M.

ISM is a school that prides itself on its athletic ability – we have plenty of IASAS athletes, many who play for multiple sports, and even some students who play for national teams. It begs the question, what are some fitness trends in ISM? And how are students able to balance their athletics, academics, and more?

Maile D. (11) falls in the category of people who are part of an after-school sports team. As a JV soccer player, she says, “After school training sessions are a great way to stay in shape. We have to go through pretty rigorous training three times a week, so it really helps you stay healthy.” She adds with a laugh, “Of course, that’s not why I do the sport, but it’s definitely an added advantage. The main reason is because I love playing soccer and being on the field with my team is amazing!”

Junior Samantha L. utilises her study halls to work out at the ISM gym. “It’s my last block of the day so it’s a great way to stress relief, and of course it helps me stay in shape and stay fit. I love working out here because everyone in the gym is super accommodating and it’s just a great environment. People are pretty focussed on themselves so it doesn’t feel like anyone is staring at your or anything.” On a slightly more serious note, she says, “I just think it’s it’s better to prevent health issues today rather than fighting them later, you know? I want to get into good habits now so that they can help  me in the future, regardless of what I do.”

An anonymous freshman says that his P.E. classes really help him stay fit. “I don’t really do anything outside of school, and I’m not really into the sports scene at all, which is honestly kind of embarrassing to admit in a school like ISM where everyone feels so accomplished, especially the guys. I don’t really try very hard in P.E. but it’s still better than nothing, and I’m really grateful that I have this opportunity at all. It’s a nice break from all my academic classes.”

Some advice for staying healthy, regardless of what you do, it to always stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle around. Getting a good night’s sleep and eating healthy are also essential in staying fit. It’s important to stay balanced and keep a well rounded schedule as a student. Like Samantha L. (11) says, it’s best to get into good habits now to prevent future problems. Keep staying fit Bearcats!