Great Works Concert Recap

Article by: Kirtana D.

Edited by: Woosuk K.

Photo by: Sofia B.

The ISM community organizes the Great Works concert every year, showcasing the talent of the choir, orchestra, and band. The theme of this year’s concert was ‘German Romanticism,’ with the performed works including pieces by classical German composers such as Mendelssohn and Beethoven.

The concert commenced at 5:30 pm on Thursday, September 13 with the choir, band, and orchestra coming together to perform “There Shall A Star From Jacob Come Forth” by Mendelssohn.

Junior Amanda C., a member of the choir, said that “even though we had a rehearsal right before the concert, I was nervous about the concert.”

The first piece set a slow and relaxed mood, letting the audience anticipate the other pieces to come. This was followed by a faster piece– the overture of Johann Strauss’s operetta “Die Fledermaus”– performed by the band and orchestra. After this, all the different music groups performed their own pieces before finally coming together to perform a grand “Hallelujah” by Beethoven for the finale.

Senior Hyunji L., a flutist of the band, was enthused, saying that “the audience seemed mesmerized by Hallelujah as it was a very lively piece. I had a lot of fun playing this piece and it was one of my favorite songs at the concert.”

Amanda concurred with Hyunji’s statements, stating she “could feel that the audience was enjoying this song immensely as the loud applause after the piece supported this.”

Although this year’s performers felt that they served the performed pieces justice, the performers could not help but feel somewhat disappointed by their own performances, which shortcomings were attributed to multiple challenges faced throughout the preparation process.

Amanda mentioned how she had, “initially, found the songs very challenging, especially as a first timer in an ISM concert,” and so she felt that the performers “would not be able to pull it off. She expressed her reassurance, when, “through a lot of practice, the concert was a great success and enjoyable as my first concert at ISM!”

Hyunji provided another facet of the problem, stating how “since all the music groups had practiced individually, it was difficult to combine the songs.” She remarked, “the timing seemed different and overall, it was just a very different sound than what was used to.”

In addition, Hyunji observed that the “Saturday rehearsals were also missed definitely impacting the quality of the performance.” Therefore, even though the concert was a success, Hyunji expressed how “a much better performance could have been held if there was more rehearsal time as a large group.”

In spite of these struggles, the concert was a truly enjoyable event with the audience seen leaving with huge smiles on their faces. The Great Works concert is a tradition that musicians look forward to every year and BT hopes that all the musicians had a great time performing, whether it be their first concert or their last!