Librarian Spotlight: Ms. Schooley

Article by: Mayako K.

Edited by: Woosuk K.

Photo by: Catherine T.

ISM’s library is a popular place with various members of the community—whether it be students, parents, or even faculty—using its facilities to get their work done, catch up with friends, or even take a quick nap during the morning break. This year, ISM welcomes Ms. Schooley— the new high school librarian. Although she is still a fresh face in the ISM community, she has already been a helpful resource for many, helping seniors complete their Extended Essays and hosting research seminars intended to help the juniors develop strong research skills necessary for various aspects of the IB program.

Previously having worked as a librarian for different schools, Ms. Schooley expressed how her favorite thing about her job is “working with students and helping them understand how to access information and knowledge.” She also loves “connecting students with books” not just in ISM but worldwide. She says she likes “providing promotions like the book banning movement”.

The “Banned Books” movement is an initiative designed to raise awareness about banned books and the freedom to read. The students of ISM are sharing six-word summaries on their thoughts on the fight against the banning of books alongside students in the American International School of Lusaka in Zambia. Exemplars may be viewed on Freshman Luna F. shares “stop banning and start sharing,” while Yanxin W. agrees that “banning books is banning knowledge.”

Although librarians may be portrayed as people who are only experts in literature-related media, the expertise of a librarian is, in reality, applicable to so many more different fields than expected. A key example of such expertise may include research. With the library hosting such a large variety of resources, students who are in need of sources for research may feel overwhelmed. However, librarians like Ms. Schooley are capable researchers–– able to direct students to the sources they need.

One of Ms. Schooley’s tips on researching is understanding the research question and what information is needed. In addition, observing how many students initially turn to Google for information, she also suggests that “the new virtual library Libguides is a better place to start.” This is due to the fact that Libguides is a database filled with reliable information, making it easier to dig down on a topic in more depth. Ms. Schooley highly encourages students to visit any of the librarians like Ms. Licaros or Ms. Lobo for help to get more tips and suggestions regarding research.

Make sure to drop by the library to see Ms. Schooley if you haven’t already and know that she is always willing to help!