MUN Locals

Article by: Lauren Z.

Edited by: Carmel L.

Photo by: Andy S.

Honorable chair and distinguished delegates,

As normal MUN sessions come to an end, ISM MUN participants finished their final preparation in order to embark on a journey of points of information, resolutions, policy statements, and more. This year MUN Locals was held at the British School Manila. The 2018 conference accommodated more than 300 delegates from schools all over the Philippines, and was filled with a plethora of both experienced delegates and first-timers. Specifically, the ISM delegation stood out: they were spread over a myriad of committees, where they represented our school as delegates, chairs, and even the President of the General Assembly.

When asked about MUN locals this year, Senior Abhinav S., our very own co-deputy Secretary General of ISM MUN, replied, “Mun locals was full of productive debate, prolific speeches, and a hilarious amount of memery. Locals this year was a fun and interesting experience for everyone from those new to MUN as well as for seasoned veterans.” In tandem, Joachim R., a first-time delegate stated that “My first MUN conference was fun and I think it helped me become way more confident in my abilities as a delegate. It also helped forge new friendships”

An anonymous student said, “I think locals was the best way to end the MUN season. For some of us who may not be attending overseas conferences, it was a great opportunity to be able to debate at an actual conference. The experience was extremely rewarding, and I learned so much from only 2 days!” She added, “ I hope to be attending again next year with more confidence and anticipation. This year was mainly a learning experience for me, but it was really fun at the same time, which I didn’t expect.”

MUN Locals 2018 seemed extremely eventful and worthwhile and I know many ISM students are already looking forward to MUN Locals 2019, to be held at ISM. As MUN season comes to a close and those selected for IASAS and THIMUN begin their preparations, we wish everyone the best of luck!