Weekend Training

Article by: Kylie C.

Graphic by: Jerico B.

The weekend is normally supposed to be reserved time away from school to relax, hang out with friends and family, as well to catch up on school work. However, for our Bearcat athletes, the weekend can have a different meaning. It could develop into an opportunity for them to play in more games, as well as to practice more, either individually or with others. To gain more insight into this, our season athletes were asked about their opinions on how their sport has impacted their weekends.

Athletes normally have practice three or four times a week during school days, while weekdays are typically reserved for games with other local schools. According to Razel S., a junior soccer player, “weekends are usually reserved for games, and weekdays are usually when the training and team discussions are held, which I feel are more intense”. Woosuk K., a junior who swims, elaborates on this, explaining that “although weekday training and weekends are different, I feel like they both share the same level of intensity, just for different reasons.”

When asked about whether training and games, especially during the weekend, affected academic and social life, Razel S. explained that “training is difficult at times, because two hours are always deducted from the amount of time I have available to be able to do work and such. Additionally, weekend games often take up more time than practices. I also feel more tired to do work than usual. This can be especially difficult during important weeks for me, such as exam weeks. However, I do believe that sports provided a meaningful break as the overload of academic endeavors can be mundane at times.” Soungil Y., a badminton player, feels differently, saying that “training doesn’t get in the way, because the coaches are nice enough to be flexible with the players schedule.”

Overall, when asked about whether they found weekend practices or weekend games fun or tiring, Razel S. replied that “weekend games are filled with tension. This is what makes them more enriching. Though they may be challenging, one knows that they end the game as a better player.” Soungil Y. adds onto this, stating that “in the end, I find the weekend games fun. Of course training and weekend games can be tiring at times, but the experience and different drills you learn from them is one of the many things that make the sport interesting to me.”