Spotlight on the LOGic Club

Article by: Lauren Z.

Visual by: Sofia B.

Edited by: Woosuk K.

To most, math can be a challenging class. The complex transfer-of-learning (TL) questions, overwhelming formulae, and tedious calculations prone to careless mistakes are all often cited as reasons for the lack of excitement in math classes. However, the LOGic club aims to change that. By offering a plethora of opportunities for eager mathematics students, such as math competitions and after-school study sessions, the new club aims to promote mathematics in the ISM community. In addition, they also have a tutoring program open to all students that are in need of a more personalized and one-on-one math help. The link to sign-ups can be found here:

Junior Adam Z., one of the four founders of the LOGic club expressed his excitement for the new organization, stating how “a great thing about the LOGic club is that it’s approachable because we offer help to anyone, regardless of the level of their math course or their interest in pursuing math in the future. For those who struggle with math, some extra help can really boost one’s confidence, which is why the tutoring program is a great opportunity. On the other hand, for those who enjoy math, competitions are always available, and participation is encouraged.”

Junior Jason J., another founder of the LOGic club, reiterated Adam’s comments, stating how “LOGic was created to help students who were not confident in math helping them improve as mathematicians. It also aims to promote math so that more students are able to enjoy and feel more comfortable with the subject.”

Adam and Jason have clearly achieved their goals, already leaving a lasting effect on their organization’s members. Sophomore Yejin J., a member of the LOGic club, states, “I think the LOGic club is beneficial to students who need that extra push in math. If you’re falling behind in the subject, the tutoring program they offer is really useful. It’s better to sign up for it now, to familiarize yourself with difficult mathematical concepts, rather than have them pile up until a point where you become totally lost in class.”

Although LOGic! is a relatively new club, having been established only this school year, it has already become an intrinsic part of the ISM math community. Although math may not be for everyone, the LOGic club can still be a great help for honing one’s mathematical abilities. On the other hand, for eager math students, it is a great opportunity to go beyond the classroom.