2018 Girls Soccer IASAS Expectations

Article by: Kylie C.

Graphic by: Therese P.

First season IASAS is approaching, and many of our athletes are getting ready to play their best representing ISM at the different schools. This event is not only a great experience for the players, but is also an opportunity for students to show their Bearcat spirit.

IASAS soccer is taking place in Singapore American School this week. The varsity girls soccer team in particular is excited to play their final games for this season. When asked what she is most excited for, Lexi S. replied, “I am really excited to travel with the team and get closer with everyone. I think we’re all really excited to play our last final games of the season together.” Steffie F. added, “As this is my last soccer IASAS, I am honestly extremely excited to participate in the tournament, and be able to play for ISM one last time. As a team, I think we are very excited (as well as nervous) to play Taipei American School, as we did not have the opportunity to play them in the finals last year due to the weather in Bangkok. Alongside this, I think that we’ve made some great strides in terms of individual and team improvement, and I’m really excited to see all our hard work come together as we play against some of our rivals.”

As with every game though, there are concerns. Steffie said, “I wouldn’t say that we are worried about anything, because we feel as though we have done everything we can to prepare for IASAS. However, something that we’ll have to keep an eye on is the weather as its really hot and humid there, but considering we are in the Philippines, I think that the adjustment won’t be too drastic.” Lexi voiced the same concern — since the team has “two games a day and Singapore is very hot, we are a little worried about getting tired. However, I don’t think it’ll be that much of a problem.”

The expectations and goals for this year, according to Lexi, are “to win again while making sure to just play the best I can.” Steffie speaks for senior players as she says her personal goal is “to just perform the best I can and make sure I have as much fun as possible because since it’s my last soccer IASAS, I don’t want to have any regrets. I expect the team to give their best effort through and through, and to not give up no matter what. We’ve prepared well in training and in local games, and now it’s just a matter of putting it all together at IASAS. I know that if we give it everything, we can achieve an astounding outcome.”

There is no doubt that Bearcats can expect impressive matches this year. Make sure to show support for our IASAS athletes this week!