IASAS First Season Recap: Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball

Article by: Putra W.

Graphic by: Yana P.

Our cross country, soccer, and volleyball teams have worked tremendously hard all season long, with their efforts culminating in the IASAS tournaments last week. Dozens of Bearcats tuned in on the live-streams to support our athletes as they played their hearts out for victory. Here is a recap of how our teams fared in the tournaments:

Over in SAS, our soccer teams battled it out under the scorching sun. The girls had a shaky first two days of the round-robin, drawing with SAS (0-0) and losing to ISB (0-1) on the first day, and winning against ISKL (2-1) and losing to TAS (0-3) on the second. Fortunately, they managed to win against JIS (3-2) on the third day, ranking 4th overall in the round-robin and securing a spot in the Bronze Medal Match. After an intense penalty shoot-out, ISB won the Bronze Medal (4-2).

The boys team also remained determined throughout the tournament. They had a strong first day, drawing with JIS (0-0) and winning against TAS (3-0). Their remaining round-robin games were strong but not enough to pull victories as they lost to SAS (0-1) and ISKL (0-4), and drew with ISB (1-1), ending the tournament with a 5th place finish.

The volleyball teams fared well in ISKL. The boys team played exceptionally in the round-robin stage of the tournament, winning against ISB (2-0), ISKL (2-1), JIS (2-0), and SAS (2-0), and losing only to TAS (0-2). This allowed them to move directly into the semifinals where they unfortunately lost to ISB. The boys finished the tournament strong however, winning the Bronze Medal as they defeated SAS in the third place game.

The girls also played remarkably, securing wins against ISKL (2-0), JIS (2-1), and TAS (2-1), and losses to ISB (0-2) and SAS (1-2) in the round-robin stage. They managed to win their quarter-final game against JIS, but lost the proceeding semifinal game to SAS and Bronze Medal Game to ISB, ending the tournament in 4th place.

Our cross-country teams also travelled to ISKL. There were a lot of standouts among the team, with senior Yosuke N. placing 4th overall in the 5km Race with a time of 00:17:46 and Joshua D. placing 18th with a time of 00:18:42. In the girls team, junior Theda L. placed 19th among the females with a time of 00:23:07, and senior Shiho K. placed 20th with a time of 00:23:11. Combining everyone’s times, the girls placed 5th and the boys 4th in the overall tournament.

Congratulations to all athletes who participated in this first season IASAS. You have made the ISM community extremely proud. With two more athletic seasons to follow this school year, hopefully even more of ISM’s top-student athletes can achieve success in their sports.