US Midterm Elections: An Overview

Article by: Kirtana D.

Edited by: Joaquin M.

Photo from: The Essential Daily Briefing (collected by Manapo I.)

In the United States of America, midterm elections are held every four years in November, near the midpoint of the President’s term in office. This year, the elections were held on November 6 and some historic records have been broken by this year’s voter turnout.

The offices that participate in the election are members of the United States Congress, including the United States Houses of Representatives and the United States Senate. This year, all 435 seats of the United States Houses of Representatives and 35 out of 100 seats of the United States Senate were contested. The election saw Democrats take control of the House of Representatives while Republicans added to their majority in the Senate. The Democrats also gained control of seven additional governorships.

This year, more and more young people have voted in response to Donald Trump’s election.  There has been an increased awareness and activism on the youth’s part. Senior, Manapo I. believes, “the youth are the future of the country hence, it is important that they vote so that they can decide the future of America. While older people should definitely vote, it is really good to see the increases awareness this year.”

Another anonymous source provides an analogy to Brexit saying, “One of the main reasons Brexit occurred was because young people weren’t voting and weren’t aware. The older population was the one that decided what would happen to the country but the younger population would feel the repercussions in the future. In light of those events, it is good that younger people are voting more as they are the future generation and they should be the ones to decide.”

Along with increased awareness, the importance of voting rights have increased in this ever changing political landscape as it gives the youth a voice to change the future of the world. Manapo I. says, “ The importance of the elections is to show how well the President is doing. It is important to evaluate the popularity of the President. It serves as a chance for the people to rethink their government and possibly change it during their next elections. If it wasn’t there, then they would just have to sit back helplessly and wait till the next elections.”

This year’s midterm elections have somewhat portrayed the opinions of Americans towards their government, but only time will tell if they are truly satisfied with the current government.