Youtube tutoring: the channels that have your back

Article by: Beatriz S.C.

Edited by: Meg B.

Photo by: Annika A.

With the quarter coming to an end, tutorials have become more packed than ever– filled with stressed students from all year levels seeking last-minute clarifications before their end-of-quarter assessments. At this time of year, HS students may already have come to the realization that although we are privileged to have 3 tutorials per week here at ISM, perfectly keeping up with every single one of your classes is quite the challenge.

Nowadays, the internet is by far the biggest source of information, appealing to many students for its extreme convenience: with the click of a button, anyone, at anytime and anywhere, can plunge into knowledge about virtually any topic of interest. Whether you are struggling in class, want last minute summaries to review, or are just looking for an alternate explanation to a topic, there is definitely an educational YouTube channel that has your back!

Khan Academy

A student favorite from all over the world, for instance, is Khan Academy. Khan Academy is widely known for its short video lessons, mostly on math and the sciences, which are each complemented by worksheets and other practice materials.

Khan Academy has something for everyone, as expressed by Sophomore Reva K: “I use Khan Academy for math and chemistry and I really like it because it has different levels for every subject.” She also goes on to explain that “I use Khan Academy for extra explanations of things I don’t understand in class and I find that it’s the channel that suits me the most, because I personally find it really helpful seeing how the work is shown on a screen.” Not only is Khan Academy is widely used around our school, but it is also used globally by non-English students, as it is available in 11 foreign languages.

Crash Course

Another popular channels amongst students is Crash Course (by John Green and Hank Green). Crash Course is one of the most professionally-produced channels of the YouTube tutoring community, with its classroom-like staging and occasional graphic design cartoon pop ups. Crash Course offers explanatory videos on key topics for almost any subject: World History, Computer Science, US History, Biology, Chemistry to name just a few.

A-PUSH student Amelie D. says “I watch Crash Course for A-PUSH because it helps me to better understand any concepts I’m unsure of.” When asked why she prefers Crash Course over all other review sources, Amelie says that “By presenting me with a visual representation of the events, as well as explaining them in a concise manner, I am able to study more efficiently.” She goes on to say, “I also think that it is extremely convenient as these channels are ‘tutoring’ you for free!”

Amoeba Sisters

Finally, not only are YouTube ‘tutoring’ videos loved amongst ISM students, but they are also popular amongst our teachers. Multiple High School teachers incorporate many of these popular channels’ videos into their lessons in order to help students review and understand different concepts. For example, HS Science teacher Ms. Dickinson says, “I like to use the Amoeba Sisters’ videos because they take fairly complex ideas and break them down. The videos are fun, well-designed, and not too long. I also like to use the Crash Course videos when teaching IB Biology. These are longer, more detailed and tackle more difficult concepts, but still engaging.”

These are all just a few, of the many other channels available on the Internet that bearcats can use as a source to help with classes! With all of their benefits in mind, we hope that ISM students can make full use of the treasure trove of creatively displayed learning that YouTube offers.

Happy studying Bearcats! 🙂