Friday Night Lights: Season 2 Recap!

Article by: Liz S.

Edited by: Cecilia I.

Visual by: Sandra R.

Second season in ISM is notable as it boasts both the longest practice season and largest team rosters. There is no doubt that the excitement is palpable when season two comes around; Friday Night Lights (FNL) is a clear indication of that. With basketball, rugby, and touch teams all coming from different parts of Manila, such as Faith and Brent, the school was buzzing with energy last Friday night.

The touch girls experienced a fruitful night of competition, winning both of their games against Faith and Brent, 6-0 and 5-1 respectively. Shain P., a three-year varsity athlete for touch, exclaims her excitement for FNL. “FNL is different because it’s on campus so there’s a lot of home team support.” Dhendup D., another three year varsity athlete on the rugby team, agrees with Shain. However, he also notes that playing at home comes with its high expectations. “The fact that it’s on our home ground [means] that we have other parents, teachers and students watching so there’s more good pressure.” The rugby varsity team played one game against the mens’ Mavericks team, and lost very closely with a score of 36-41. Despite this, Dhendup said that it was still a very memorable game. “Coming back from a 5-29 deficit and actually getting ahead with 36-29 at one point [against the Mavericks] was really encouraging and it shows how our team worked together to try and get the victory.”

Away from the field and into the gym, our basketball teams played two hard games against Brent. Margaret N. says that FNL is one of her favorite sporting events of the season. “FNL is probably what I look forward to the most apart from IASAS because it’s a great way to end the week, and the Bearcat community has a strong sense of spirit.” The girls basketball team is composed of many new players, presenting new challenges of running new plays and maintaining composure. Despite losing their game to Brent, Margaret thinks that the game was still a success, especially with senior Steffie F. scoring the first three pointer of the season.

The boys basketball team won their game against Brent 69-61. Martin A. highlights the immense fun of playing at home against the rival team. “The energy level is extremely different compared to our normal games and we are motivated to play our hardest because of the crowd. The most challenging part is calming your nerves because it is quite nerve wracking playing in front of a lot of people. Overall, FNL is always a night to remember.”

Good job to all our varsity athletes that played and stayed out to defend our home turf! Watch out for the next FNL and make sure to continuously support your athletes. Let’s go Bearcats!