President Xi Jinping Visits The Philippines

Article by: Kirtana D.

Edited by: Justin S. and Sacha B.

Visual by: Yana P.

Last week marked the visit of Xi Jinping, the President of the Republic of China, which led to the suspension of classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. For many Bearcats, the two days off brought well-needed rest and time to catch up on work. Because of the national security issues that this visit brought about, ISM was forced to shut down school operations for two days after an email was sent out by Mr. Toze to the entire school community.

President Xi is the first Chinese President to visit the Philippines in the last 13 years. Jinping’s visit comes after Duterte declared that he was aligning Philippines’ foreign policy towards China instead of USA. It has been reported that the two Presidents, among other agreements, discussed educational plans, culture and industrial park development to jointly promote infrastructure, and agriculture cooperatives. They also discussed approval of loans for building dams and rails.

However, President Xi’s visit has also led to protests in the Philippines. More than 300  protesters protested outside the Chinese consulate in Manila with placards that read “Philippines not for sale” and “Hands off our land and seas.” Nevertheless, others insist that President Xi’s visit marks cooperation and friendship between the Philippines and China.

The suspension of classes affected many Bearcats, especially since it was during  assessment week. Seniors taking English Lit were scheduled to have their IOCs this week but the assessment was pushed back to next week due to the unexpected holiday. Senior Hyunji L. says, “In the beginning, I was really happy that I could miss the school for two days and use it for studying.” However, Hyunji continued, “But later I realized that missing two days was not helpful at all. All the assignments and tests have been moved to next week and I now have two to three tests in one day. If I knew two days of break would lead to this bizarre schedule, I would rather go to school than suffer next week.”

Regardless of the change in schedules, Bearcats obtained a well-deserved break and BT wishes everyone the best of luck for the last three weeks before Christmas break!