Article by: Liam R.

Visual by: Manuel P.

Edited by: Woosuk K.

THIMUN is one of the global leaders within the Model United Nations (MUN) community, hosting four annual MUN conferences around the world and accredited as a non-governmental organization connected to the UN. From November 19-23, 19 ISM students attended THIMUN Singapore at the Hwa Chong Institution. Bamboo Telegraph caught up with some of the delegates to learn more about what their experience was like.

Junior Sarah G. was one of the delegates representing ISM at this year’s THIMUN. Overall, she found THIMUN to be a very fun and rewarding experience, expressing how “THIMUN was really fun because it brought a new dimension of MUN to me. We had over 80 delegations present in the committee which meant collaboration was key.” With the delegates having to work with students from other schools throughout most of the conference, “time spent brainstorming, writing, and discussing issues, led to getting to know each other on a personal level.”

Although THIMUN provided to be a very pleasant experience for its delegates, the event was not without its obstacles. Sarah admitted that despite her enjoyment in meeting new people, the collaborative aspect proved to be a challenging aspect of the conference. “Everyone had amazing ideas, but it also meant that some of these ideas conflicted.” However, as the delegates continued to work together, they found more success. “We found our compromises, and we ended up becoming great friends both in and out of sessions,” she revealed. In the end, overcoming these hardships facilitated the personal growth of these delegates and greatly added to the value of the THIMUN experience.

In addition to spending a lot of time at the conference, the ISM delegation also found time to relax and enjoy Singapore during their five-day trip. “My favorite moment over the trip would probably be the night our group went to the Night Safari. It was such an amazing experience seeing such a diverse range of animals and sharing that experience with the group,” Sarah mentioned. “Throughout the trip, I also really valued the moments where we were just able to have some food or just talk to each other beyond schoolwork or MUN discussions just to learn more about each other,” she enthused.

Junior delegate Muskaan C. expressed similar positive feelings about the trip and the conference. “I think that what makes THIMUN a very meaningful event is the multitude of delegates from various schools and backgrounds from all over the world,“ she commented. Muskaan also found that ”THIMUN is a great way to show how the youth is capable of finding solutions and ways to combat the issue our world is facing, and was a reminder that the change that we want to see in the world has to start with ourselves.” However, most importantly, she noticed how the experience allowed her to grow on a more personal level, noting that “this conference increased my confidence and willingness to have my opinion and viewpoint heard by others.”

On their website, the THIMUN foundation, the organization states that their mission is to “promote and foster collaborative solution-oriented discussion to important issues by instilling a life-long passion for improving our global community into today’s youth, who will be tomorrow’s leaders.” It could definitely be said that our ISM delegates were inspired by participating in this incredible MUN experience in Singapore.