Faculty Fitness

Article by: Vivienne P.

Illustration by: Yana P.


When glancing at the community of ISM, one can see athleticism in all areas of the school. From the cross country team running around the school in the afternoon to the swimmers training during the early hours before school starts, the commitment of students to sports and fitness does not go unnoticed. What some people may overlook, however, is the involvement in athletics by members of the faculty. Many teachers take advantage of ISM’s facilities; doing laps around the around the track right before class, working out in the weight room, and swimming in the pool after school are just a few examples.

In fact, a few among the faculty are recognized for their dedication to fitness both in and out of the classroom. Mr. Spradling, a teacher in the high school English department, is well-known throughout all his classes for walking around the classroom in order to reach the step goal on his Fitbit. Others such as Mr. Relf can be seen walking to and from school to combat Manila traffic, avoid contributing to air pollution and be more environmentally-friendly, or take a break from work and stress all at once. Some teachers also find interest in coaching athletes, where they can interact with students across varying grade levels, be involved through training and games, or continue their own passion for certain sports.

Just like their students, many teachers at ISM wake up in the early hours of the morning for an hour or two of fitness. Although our community is well-acquainted with our student-athletes and general athletic culture, the amount of time, effort, and work ethic that teachers put into their health and fitness outside of school may occasionally go unnoticed. So, next time you are leaving the campus or heading to one of ISM’s numerous athletic facilities, keep an eye out for your teachers! You might see them doing laps alongside the swim team in the pool, or jogging beside you on the treadmill in the gym.