Run to the Sun

Article by: Mayako K.

Visual by: Gabby F. and Manapo I.

Edited by: Joaquin M.

Run to the Sun was thought up by 2 high school teachers, Mr. Venhuis and Mr. Hall, in 2015 and this year the event is making a comeback! The 2019 event will start at 6 pm on January 11 and participants will run until 6 am the following morning. Senior Kang Hee H. says “I participated in the first two Run to the Sun events and I didn’t want it to come to an end” after it was canceled last year.

On the day, one person from each team will run around the track with a baton in their hand. After completing a lap, the baton will be handed to the next person in their team until each person in the team, consisting of up to 12 people, has run a lap. This exciting relay race is an engaging way for the ISM community to raise funds for GreenEarth Heritage Foundation while promoting an active lifestyle amongst Bearcats.

Student organizer Kang Hee says, “I chose GreenEarth as the service partner because one of my cross country teammates was Romnick Blanco, who was a scholar and a farmer’s son who was a part of the GreenEarth Heritage Foundation.” During his summer break, while volunteering at GreenEarth, he heard from Romnick that “kids in the rural area would have to wake up early in the morning and walk for hours just to get water for their families every day. Since a group of seniors and I were able to bring back the GreenEarth club at our school last year, I wanted to continue supporting the community and to help the kids by raising money to build concrete rainwater harvesting tanks near their homes.” If 60,000 pesos is raised, a concrete water tank can be built, saving a family hours of walking just to have access to water.

While raising money for a good cause is notable, Mr. Venhuis, this year’s event advisor, says “the goal of the event is to bring the ISM community together around one event. We also wanted to see how far we could push ourselves and to show how teamwork can accomplish a large task.”

Some people might say they are not suited for the event due to their lack of running ability but that is simply not true!  Mr. Venhuis points out that the “awesomeness of this event comes from the team building. Running for 12 hours is difficult on your own but split up with your friends it’s manageable.” He also says it has “clear health benefits including being active and having fun.” Running is not the only way to move through the night. In past years, participants have skipped, danced, walked, and even bounced on exercise balls to finish the lap!

Still skeptical about joining? Joshua D., a sophomore says that his favorite part about Run to the Sun is that it helps him create stronger bonds with his team. In addition, he says that “it’s a great way to get fit, have fun, and support a fantastic cause. It’s not serious at all and it’s just a cool event.” Mr. Venhuis even mentions it’s a great opportunity “for you to camp out on the field, have fun, be silly, and stay up all night (not because of school work). It’s one of the most awesome and different events I’ve participated in at ISM.”
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