Unique Winter Sports Destinations

Article by: Putra W.

Edited by: Margarita T.

Visual by: Issy P.

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, ISM students are eager to throw their books down and use the break as an opportunity to relax and spend quality time with their family. The ideal day for some might be lounging on their bed and catching up on their favorite Netflix series. However, for some, like our second season athletes, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy fitness level so as to not come back in January flat-footed. It might be difficult to find a basketball court or rugby pitch when you’re travelling, but engaging in sports is still possible. Here are three “hidden-gem” destinations around the world that offer thrilling winter sports.


1. Skiing in Yabuli Ski Resort, China


Skiing is one of the most popular recreational activities in the winter. Located near the Heilongjiang Province,  Yabuli Ski is regarded as the best and largest ski ground in China. It is the perfect spot for skiers of all skill levels, having a competitive course that reaches an altitude higher than 1,374 meters, as well a course for leisure skiing. Those who aren’t fond of the physical activities can head over to Central Street, a two-kilometer long commercial avenue, to shop for loved ones back home (Yabuli Ski Resort).


2. Ice Skating at Old Danube Lake, Vienna, Austria


For the more daring ice skaters out there, the Old Danube Lake is the ideal site for you. It is Europe’s second longest river and during some winters, it freezes over. Although one must be cautious of the ice, thousands of tourists come annually to skate along the frozen lake while gazing upon the magnificent skyscrapers on one side and the vast horizon on the other. It is located just a few blocks by the city center so you can easily grab a bite after a fun day of skating.


3. Dog Sledding in East Greenland


Are you fond of cute dogs running around in the snow? East Greenland is one of the world’s most captivating ice-spaces filled with thousands of fjords, icebergs, Aurora Borealis, and polar bears, all of which you can explore through dog-sledding. East Greenland is “one of the very last communities left where dogsledding is still an essential facet of life, a tradition that goes back thousands of years” (Greenland Dog Sledding). A group of expert arctic travellers will join you and explain the compelling intricacies of living in the north.

No matter where you are in the world during the holidays, be sure to do keep fit and find a physical activity that you enjoy. Stay strong and motivated Bearcats — we are just one week away from ICARE, and another one away from the semester break!



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