Battle of the Bands Prelims Recap 2019

Article by: Mayako K.

Edited by: Woosuk K. and Georgia L.

Visual by: Manapo I. and Gabby F.

The Battle of the Bands (commonly known as the acronym BOB) is one of the most anticipated events of the school year. With members from all over the ISM community in attendance, the charity event presents an opportunity for a night of relaxing music, food from vendors, and socializing with friends.

However, the event may also be very nerve-wracking for some, especially for those performing. Sophomore Amelie D., a first-time performer, expressed how she “wanted to have a good performance” as last year’s bands and vocalists set the standards very high. She clearly achieved her goal through her performance of “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar, exciting the crowd with a great opening act. The excitement of the crowd carried itself through the rest of the event, especially during the later hours, when the bands Saxy Beats and El Bando performed crowd-pleasers like “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You” and “Nothin’ on You.” The audience crowded at the front of the stage, screaming and dancing to the music. Sophomore Gaby A., a member of the audience, says, “My favorite part was watching my friends from [the all-sophomore band] Black Tears perform.”

Of course, this event could not have happened without the extensive planning of the BOB executive committee. Behind the scenes, a group of students and teachers have been working tirelessly since the beginning of the school year to make sure this year’s BOB would be a blast. From obtaining sponsors, raffle prizes, and vendors, to selling tickets, the BOB committee makes sure the event runs smoothly.

Sophomore Kody T., a member of the BOB committee, says,  “The hardest part about organizing BOB is making sure everything is here at the designated times, especially with all the vendors. We have to take everything into account before the event actually starts so that everything can run smoothly.” By the end of the night, he was really happy that “all of the hard work actually turned into something productive. At the start, since we were behind on sponsors, so it was worrying to see if we could manage to get everything up and running, but now that we are here everything is going well.”

BOB is always filled with music and fun, but people often forget that it is a student-led fundraising event with the goal of extending helping hands to the Filipino community, including organizations such as Operation Smile and Project BEST. To help out these organizations and also have an enjoyable experience, don’t forget to catch BOB finalists perform starting from 5 pm on February 9, Saturday for 400 pesos!