Career Exploration Week

Article By: Joaquin P.

Edited By: Joaquin M.

Visual by: Manapo I. and Gabby F.

ISM’s mission statement declares that “our students have the highest aspirations for their education and future lives.” In line with this, the school spends a lot of time and resources into making sure that its students are equipped for the world that lies ahead of them. From career-finder software to the use of real-life roles in performance task assessments and to the simulation of the responsibilities of various careers, students are trained to think about their next challenges in life.

One resource the school provides to assist in this regard is Career Exploration Week, which will be held from the 21st to the 25th of January this year. Every year, ISM’s sophomores listen to talks from various professionals about their line of work. These talks are meant to give sophomores exposure to possible paths for their futures in preparation for their IB course selection. Visiting professionals — many of whom are ISM alumni — talk about what they like or dislike about their jobs, what a typical day at work is, and what skills and background are needed to succeed in their lines of work. Past talks have even included segments on how to find fulfilment in specific career paths and general advice for young minds. It is hoped that sophomores keep the careers that they learned about in mind, and the various pathways needed to reach these careers, as they pick IB courses. Career Week is organized for the sophomores for the specific reason that the IB courses they pick will influence their college path and consequently affect their future careers and résumés.

Various sophomores are looking forward to these career talks. Jaewon C., a sophomore and aspiring mathematician, expressed that he wanted to learn about “what courses [the alumni] have taken to reach the point they are at now.” Sophomore Zeki T. expressed that he wanted to ask “how much of what they studied was actually applied to their job.”

Some upperclassmen who already have had Career Week stressed how important and positive the event was to their high school journey. “I personally think that career week last year was an enjoyable and interesting time for myself. This is because we got to know more about our teachers and how they ended up where they are and what they studied at university and their journey all along the way,” said Junior Omar K. “I think one of the best parts of career week was having the ability to interact with ISM Alumni and learn more about their careers in the present day, which was really interesting as we got to learn more about different fields of study. Also, career week was a time where we could really ask questions about universities and talk to some teachers and alumni about what we wanted to major in, the feedback and advice I personally got was helpful in terms of what I want to study.”

Wherever students are planning on heading to in the future, Career Week will likely be a beneficial event for all the sophomores in the ISM community.