First Time IASAS Swimming Expectations

Article by: Kylie C.

Edited by: Cecilia I.

Visual by: Issy P.

Swimming IASAS will be held at ISM this year and is fast approaching. Our swimming athletes are getting ready to compete against the other schools. For any athlete, especially first time IASAS swimmers, this is a time of excitement and nervousness. We decided to interview several first time IASAS swimmers.

When asking about expectations for their first swimming IASAS, Ganden P. replies, “Honestly I don’t know what to expect during IASAS, but I will swim my fastest.” Other swimmers, like Zachary C., agree with this, noting, “I’m not sure what to expect, considering this is my first time I will be part of IASAS, but we’ve been preparing for it all season, so I think it will be a big event.” With the uncertainty around the event, some worries arise as well. Having your IASAS event hosted by your own school can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially for new athletes.

Some swimmers are a bit nervous, like Zachary C, who notes “I’m mainly worried about how well the other teams will perform against us. I’ve never raced against them.” Others worry about the training leading up to IASAS, like Mayako K., who hears that “it gets really hard.”

Although unsure what to expect, it is clear that these swimmers are looking forward to this event with anticipation, and are overall excited to be part of this event, like Ganden, who is excited to swim “against the fastest swimmers from the schools in other countries. By swimming against them, I can adjust my goals for next year.” Being able to make friends with other swimmers from different schools is another thing to look forward to. Mayako agrees, stating that she is “most excited about meeting new people and having the experience of being in IASAS.”

Overall, the new IASAS swimmers are excited to be swimming with their team and other teams. Watch and support your fellow bearcats at IASAS! Go Bearcats!