Why You Should Go To Jazz Night

Article by: Kirtana D.

Graphic by: Rhia M.

January 29th marks the annual Jazz Night event and this year’s theme is ‘La La Land’. Jazz Night is Tri-M Music Honor Society’s major fundraiser for this academic year and it gives an opportunity for various students to showcase their talent in music and dance. With the doors to the Little Theatre opening at 5:30 pm, it looks like it is going to be an exciting event with members of the society, Show Choir, Jazz Band, Advanced Dance, and a few other musicians performing this year.

The proceeds collected are donated to Tri-M’s service partners Tondo Chamber Orchestra and CJ Learning Center. Tri-M has organized various projects over the years to raise money but this is an annual fundraiser that plays a significant role in the amount they are able to donate. Jayne R. (12), a member of this event’s planning committee says, “Our aim is to promote the continuation of fostering musical learning with the money we collect.”

For a much awaited event, surely a lot of thought goes into planning it. Jayne R. says, “We have to consider the type of Jazz music to perform (it isn’t always Lala Land themed). Most of the song choices are made by Mr. Naz and Jazz Band, as each student chooses a song and makes it their own project.” When asked about the role of the singers and dancers, she elaborates, “Singers are invited to perform a song by the JB member whose project it is. As well, there is coordination between JB and Advanced Dance to decide which songs will include dance performances.”

La La Land is a popular musical that is loved by many. The songs are especially eye-catching and Jazz Night is a great opportunity for students and faculty to come with their families and enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Jayne says, “They get to look forward to great music, food, and dancing! There are many talented students who will be showcasing their abilities and who have put in a lot of hard work.” This time of the year can be very stressful for Bearcats and Jazz Night is the perfect option to destress and have fun! Hope to see you there!