Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions To Boost Productivity

Article by: Lauren Z.

Edited by: Carmel L.

Visual by: Patrick P.

Note: click the name of any extension to download it for yourself!

Beginning a brand new year and semester can be difficult, and some of us may still be attempting to escape the productivity slump from December break. However, this is where the Internet steps in to help: Google Chrome offers users hundreds of thousands of “extensions”– additions to your browser that can make productivity and organization a breeze. Here are five free Chrome extensions that are Bearcat-approved!



FOCUS is an extremely versatile extension; it comes with a to-do list, a work tracker and timer, and a site-blocker to avoid procrastination. It’s the perfect extension for those interested in the Pomodoro technique, a time management technique that involves the breaking down of work time into intervals, due to its built-in work timer. “FOCUS keeps me organized and on-task. It’s become my go-to extension!” says junior Kylie C.


2) Papier  

Papier is an extremely minimalist Chrome extension; it’s essentially just a blank tab where you can declutter your thoughts by taking notes. Papier also comes with a night and day setting. Joachim R. uses this extension and claims, “Papier is clean and easy for me to use. I think it’s especially great for people who are more creative.”


3) Win the Day

Win the Day is the perfect extension for achieving your New Year’s resolutions. It transforms Chrome into a goal-setting tool, allowing you to set goals and deadlines. Since many of us often have long-term goals, the extension also allows you to set sub-goals to tackle on an everyday-basis. It also has a habit-tracker and a Focus mode.


4) Momentum

Momentum is a popular extension at ISM. The reason behind its popularity is no mystery; its clean and simplistic layout and beautiful landscape backgrounds are eye-catching and attractive. It is also customizable and has a built in to-do list. In addition, Momentum provides new a daily photo and quote.


5) Noisli

Noisli is an extension specifically created to boost productivity through sound. It offers various sound effects, such as “falling rain,” “fire crackling,” and “coffee shop chatter.” This extension is perfect for people who focus best while listening to background noise. An anonymous sophomore says, “I’ve left Momentum for Noisli recently, and I’m really enjoying my decision. I used to search up background noises on YouTube, so Noisli is just much more convenient and accessible.”


You can find all of these extensions for free on the Chrome web store. We hope these brand new extensions help you boost your productivity this semester! Good luck everyone!