Spotlight on Bearcat Council: Behind the Scenes of IASAS

Article by: Liz S.

Edited by: Margarita T.

Visual by: Elena D.

Bearcat Council (BC) is an essential part of every IASAS. It is one of the biggest clubs in school with dozens of members and multiple events each year– including Bearcats for Street Soccer and Friday Night Lights. With so many exciting activities year-round, there is no doubt that BC is always busy making sure that the ISM community’s athletic events run smoothly.

One of BC’s first responsibilities of the year is choosing dedicated members to serve the council. “It’s difficult to filter through literally hundreds of applications with similar responses and pinpoint who would make the most of the opportunity,” says BC co-president Ursula R.

With such a large club, how does the council stay motivated and organized throughout the school year? According to Ursula, “Every member should be working to the best of their ability.” As the club is very active and omnipresent in the community, each member must take initiative and responsibility to attend and organize events, in addition to keeping the spirit of both BC and ISM as a whole alive. With that said, BC members have many duties to fulfill. “Volunteering for shifts during the matches and events, and creating a sense of palpable school spirit during IASAS are some of the most important roles of our regular members,” says Lauren Z., secretary of the BC Executive Council.

This year, ISM has the honor of hosting IASAS swimming. From the giant posters hanging all around school to Mr. Pekin’s announcements for bedding and sports banquets, there is no doubt that a lot goes into planning the event. However, IASAS swimming was a surprise for the BC Executive Council. “We were actually not supposed to host an IASAS this year,” notes Ursula. After some persuasive bargaining in Bangkok by Mr. Pekin, though, ISM was able to bag the event and bring it back home to Manila. Being our only IASAS athletic event this year, BC is going full force into making sure it is organized and enjoyable for both our home Bearcats and our IASAS visitors.

BC is a great opportunity for students to involve themselves in the athletics community without necessarily being part of a sports team. There is no doubt that BC has a lot in store for the upcoming IASAS and other such sporting events in this year. We hope that the ISM community will continue supporting BC and the athletics program. On that note, good luck to everyone taking part in IASAS swimming—let’s go Bearcats!