Focus On: Frisbee Club

Article by: James Y.

Edited by: Margarita T.

Visual by: Rhia M.

The network of clubs at ISM offers a wealth of choices for an eager high school student to explore, encompassing service, academic, and interest oriented avenues. However, with the rise of an increasingly competitive dynamic when it comes to proposing and promoting new CAS communities, the Frisbee Club, founded by a determined group of juniors, is a prime example of how an organization thrives on one’s passion and an open-minded desire to find others who want to see the same.

Ultimate Frisbee, which is known officially as the sport of Ultimate, is a team sport whose popularity stemmed from the gameplay of its trademark disc, Frisbee by two teams in achieving distance and accuracy for competition in both recreational and competitive contexts. Whether it is being played on the beach or at a national level, the strategic tactics of Ultimate must not be underestimated.

Eager to take this club further, founder Bryan P. (11) and his first group of members sought for an advisor who would likewise support his team in their visibility to the school. Mr. Cameron, a Physics teacher, clearly fit this role — he believes that the fundamental concepts inherent in Ultimate is applicable to his vocation as an educator. When asked upon the club’s vision in promoting Frisbee, he stresses that the *ultimate* goal is to help the community acknowledge “Ultimate as an athletic sport that is inclusive of everyone.” A unique ethos is that the “spirit of the game,” a sportsmanlike principle recognized on the national level, is facilitated by the fact that “the game has no referee, which promotes positive competition, that is both collaborative and constructive for everyone.”

Finally, when asked upon key characteristics of the club that allowed the founding team to overcome certain challenges, Mr. Cameron mentions how unlike other sports, “spirit huddles foster a sense of positivity in all individuals,” making collaboration an important aspect to sell when it comes to the promotion of a sport in the context of a school club.

While many different sports host a wealth of unique characteristics, be it aggressive tackling or demanding physical stamina, it is always important to look at how sportsmanlike qualities permeate through various activities and not just in a competitive setting. For those who seek positive growth in both physical and social platforms, joining the Frisbee Club will be the right move to make.