Looking back on Swimming IASAS

Article by: Kylie C.

Edited by: Justin S.

Visual by: Issy P.

The ISM community hosted IASAS swimming recently. Our Bearcat athletes got to swim against other swimmers from different schools while their friends, family and teachers cheered them on from the sides. As participating in an IASAS event in school is quite different from participating in one in another school, this experience was particularly memorable for ISM swimmers.

When asking some of our swimmers about their favorite part of IASAS, Junior Woosuk K. replies that it “was the moment before my finals race when the announcer called us up to the block one by one. It was very nerve wracking, but exciting at the same time, as you could feel everyone cheering for you. A close second would be cheering on my teammates.” There is no doubt that the swimmers were excited that the event was going to be hosted in ISM for multiple reasons. Another Junior Ian G. adds to this, noting that “it felt different from other IASAS events since the location and facilities are more familiar. This ultimately helped me feel more at ease and more comfortable when competing.”

However, there is a possible downside to having the event at home, as one might not get the same feeling of excitement as if they were competing in a different country. Freshman Amanta V, reflecting back, says that “the ISM pool doesn’t really excite me as much. I feel like if we swam in a different country, I would feel more nervous and excited and it would therefore drive me to be faster. Also, the pool just reminds me of me of all of our training.”

However, there is no doubt that our swimmers had a memorable experience with many exciting surprises. Amanta notes that she will “miss the team and just being around each other, because we are all like a family. I’ll also miss the seniors since next year, they won’t be swimming with us.” According to swimmers, it is common to experience the feeling of post-IASAS depression. Ian G. elaborates on feeling, saying that “especially the day after IASAS, it is hard to get back to your old routine when all you can think about is how you’re going to start preparing for the next year.”

Upon reflection, many swimmers found this event full of surprises. Woosuk K. notes that “swimming is such an unpredictable sport because you can go super fast or slow all of a sudden.” Ian G. adds that “everyone stepped up from last year and made the competition much more intense compared to the previous years. However, our swimmers really gave it their all.”