Celebrating Singles Awareness Day

Article by: Gisele F.

Edited by: Meg B.

Visual by: Meg B.

LOvE iS iN ThE aIR as Valentine’s Day has just passed by. ‘Sweetheart Day’ is a special day usually reserved for couples to display their affection towards each other, whether it is by word or deed. While, if we really think about it, public displays of affection should happen every day, the more courageous partners seem to let loose their declarations of love and loyalty on February 14th. And even those without significant others can show their love on Valentine’s Day. How does the saying go? You must love yourself before you can love anyone else…..or something like that!

There isn’t a “Singles Awareness Day” for nothing. In fact, it’s celebrated on February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. Technically speaking, single people have two days to celebrate — one day to cry over not having a significant other and another day to celebrate the fact that you don’t have anyone to love but yourself. That being said, what are some things you can do on both these days when single? Here are a few:

1. Treat Yourself!

As basic as it may sound, putting yourself first is always important. Really, whether single or not, treating yourself should never be something to be guilty about. With busy schedules and work, every once and awhile we need to get out and do things that we don’t normally get to do or maybe buy certain things that we thought were unnecessary. But if you just so happen to be single, you know what? Go get some dinner by yourself or maybe even watch a movie! The experience itself might just be eye-opening. No real need to look at your phone to avoid awkward conversations or answer the peculiar questions that your fellow diner asks.

Just you and your good old self really being in the moment.

2. Have your own Netflix marathon!

What better way to enjoy yourself than watch a movie or a TV show from the comfort of your home. It’s just like watching a movie in the theater but better. No need to struggle constantly, being reminded that you came to the movies alone. Sophomore Hee Seo K. couldn’t agree more with this, saying how she “plans on watching Netflix, specifically shows with her celebrity crushes in them” so that way she’s getting some sort of Valentine’s day vibe out of it. At the same time, if you really do feel lonely, invite some friends over! Speaking of which, that leads us to our last and final activity…

3. Hangout or go out with some friends!

Although spending some time alone can be pretty relaxing, sometimes on a day with its central theme based around love, you really can’t help but want to spend that day with the positive people in your life. So call a few (or more!) friends of yours over or set a time and place to meet up. Ultimately, it’s a fun way to catch up with friends outside of the school or workplace environment. An anonymous sophomore enthusiastically states how she plans on “going out with some good friends of hers and really just having a joyous and splendid time with them”.

Happy Valentine’s Day Bearcats!