Focus on ISM Gymnastics

Article by: Liz S.

Visual by: Elena D.

With twelve different sports played over three different seasons, athletics in ISM is always filled with excitement and highly energized throughout the year! With many of us playing various sports at different times throughout the year, there’s many different opportunities to train in many different ways. However, there are a few athletes that choose to stick with one sport for year-round: our ISM gymnasts.  

Gymnastics is a very technical and precise sport famous all over the world, boasting athletes like Simone Biles and Shawn Johnson. In ISM, gymnastics is a popular choice among middle schoolers and a few high schoolers. The team is led by Coach Ramon C. According to Coach Ramon, gymnastics needs to be a year round sport because of its very rigorous demand and need for attention to detail. Progression of training is very different for gymnasts and seasonal athletes. “You need more preparation to do the skills,” He said. “In gymnastics, for girls, you have to master four different events: bars, beam, floor and fault. For boys, you have to master six different events: floor, pommel horse, parallel bars, horizontal bars, rings, and vault.” The gymnastics’ team training schedule is very intensive, meeting three times a week for nearly two hours each time.

Ari T., an ex-gymnast, says that it gets even more intense during competition season. “Leading up to the competition during the height of my time as a gymnast, I would train for three hours three times a week, and for over six hours on Saturday.” The team is currently preparing for multiple competitions including the UWC Gymnastics Invitational, the 2019 Philippine Cup, the British School Invitational and the ISM Goodwill meet. When asked about the his expectations, Coach Ramon is very optimistic for a very good performance from the teams. “We are looking forward this year to bringing home more medals, and possibly even a Champion trophy for ISM.”

Asking Ari about the difference between gymnasts and other seasonal athletes, she thinks that gymnastics requires a more intense type of commitment and dedication. “Not to undermine the work ethic of other seasonal athletes, but it takes a high level of discipline and patience to be a gymnast,” she says. “One of the biggest challenges is definitely the mental aspect of it all. Since it’s an individual sport, you can get in your head many times and it’s easy to be frustrated when you notice a plateau in your performance.”

Gymnastics definitely has a unique place in ISM’s athletics program. We hope to see continued success for our gymnasts and wish them the best of luck in their various upcoming competitions.