IASAS CulCon 2019 Expectations

Article by: Liam R.

Edited by: Woosuk K.

Photo from: IASAS drama

The IASAS Cultural Convention – often shortened to just CulCon – is coming up soon from Feb 28 to March 2, and many of our talented Bearcats will be traveling to participate in their own respective events. It is a time for students to showcase their mastery of various creative and analytical skills, from dancing to debating. Bamboo Telegraph caught up with some of these IASAS delegates to see their expectations for the coming conventions.

IASAS art, dance, drama, tech, and film (ADDTF) will take place at ISB this year. Junior Nina C. is an IASAS dancer, and she’s expecting to be awed by the variety of amazing talent of other schools. “Every school is talented in different areas, and I’m expecting some high-quality dance and drama performances, as well as amazing pieces from the art delegates,” she said. All the IASAS art, dance, drama, tech, and film delegates are excited to be able to see so many different types of art forms. Junior Pari P., a delegate of IASAS drama, excitedly expressed that “all the ADDTF kids are so incredibly encouraging, and their positive feedback is always so rewarding after 3 months of doing 16 hours of rehearsals a week.” Junior Andie R. said she’s “looking forward to participating in ISB’s workshops,” as the school prepared 3 unique activities for the delegates: underwater photography, cyanotype printmaking, and a dinner boat trip on the Chao Phraya River.

Forensics and Debate will be held in JIS. Forensics includes many different events: Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation, Extemp, and Improvisation. Junior debate delegate Keerthana B. is most excited to meet up with people she got to know last year. She also commented that she’s “looking forward to debating against the other schools this year, as a more experienced debater, because culcon is always a good learning experience!” Keerthana is expecting a lot of talented people and returning finalists — “I think everyone’s a little nervous, but at the same time ready to face the challenge and do our best.” She hopes IASAS will be a great bonding experience, and if possible, to take home some medals too.

Lastly, IASAS music will be hosted at SAS, where players of all sorts of different instruments come together to practice and perform music. Junior Soung Ill Y. mentioned that his favorite part of IASAS are the pieces they play. “The time spent practicing can be seen in the sound of the music and the way people react to it,” he commented. “Hearing other people’s solos also makes me want to become better and constantly look for ways to improve,” he continued. He’s also particularly excited for the octet piece he practiced with his fellow ISM bandmates.

IASAS CulCon is always a celebration of creativity, and is a break from the competitive intensity of the sports seasons. Everyone is always excited to see each other’s skills and how they’ve developed as they all reunite year after year. I’m sure all of our traveling delegates have wonderful pieces and performances to show the other schools this year — go Bearcats!