Spotlight on: IASAS CulCon Previews

Article by: Keitaro H.

Edited by: Woosuk K. and Georgia L.

Photo from: IASAS dance

The week of February 18 marks the weeks-long excitement of IASAS Culcon Previews. This week was a chance for ISM’s Cultural Convention delegates to showcase their talents and skills in their respective fields. Ranging from forensics and debate to music, film, art, and dance, Culcon previews gave deserving recognition to our very own Bearcat artists from the entire school community.

This week was packed with excellent performances from all our delegates. Every performance, the atmosphere around the room permeated with admiration for the performer. While the crowds watched in awe, the artists performed their polished solos. All eyes are glued to each and every performance. Though the musicians seemed to be confident during their performances, clarinet player, Jaewon C. gave some interesting insight into his mental state before and during his solo: “before my solo, I had a sense of nerves. But after, I felt really confident that I played well.” His strong confidence in his skills was reflected in his excellent rendition of a classic piece, “Introduction Variations and Theme” by Carl Maria Von Weber.

As each performer took to stage and played their instruments, the anxious atmosphere quickly turned to admiration and praise for the musicians as they continued to showcase their abilities. After his stunning performance of “Zapateado” by Pablo de Saraste, Adam Z. commented on his performance, saying it “was a disaster.” However, the crowd thought differently with their high praise. When asked about Adam’s performance, fellow musician Clara H. responded, “Adam was excellent and played every note to perfection.”

Unsurprisingly, our Bearcat musicians have set very high standards for themselves, and are always looking for ways to improve and refine their techniques. In addition, Adam reflected and stressed upon the importance of previews, saying, “previews are a good preparation for the actual IASAS, as I can practice adjusting to the anxiousness that comes with playing in front of a large crowd.” Lastly, Adam commented that he strongly feels that this year’s strings players have reached the high standards set for IASAS strings. It was clear that all the performances were clearly rehearsed and well executed.

The IASAS dance group performed their piece, Metamorphosis, on Wednesday. It was centered around the motif of change. The choreography was a strong balance of elegance intertwined with emotion, which was emphasized through the dancer’s abilities to express this intricate balance. With that, the story of change seemed to flow throughout their performance and their use of props were truly surprising. Before their performance, Martina Q showed a glimpse of their performance and said that “there are many secrets and surprises in store.” Without a doubt she was a correct, as the crowd was in awe as the dancers completely stunned everyone with their excellence.   

This week’s IASAS previews were truly a must-see event as all the delegates worked hard to reach their goals in IASAS, which takes place during February break. As preview week wraps up, it is clear that the confidence in all the delegates have soared.  All in all, good job to all our Bearcat artists during previews and best of luck at IASAS Culcon 2019.