Athlete In Focus: Kendra M.

Article by: Carolina M.

Edited by: Cecilia I.

Photo by: Lucas T.

Graphic by: Sandra R.

Student-athletes who participate in third season sports are mentally and physically preparing for the final season of the year. For new and returning players, third season is filled with exciting opportunities. Today’s Athlete in Focus is freshman pitcher for the softball team, Kendra M., who has been active in the sport for six years.  

Despite being new to the team, Kendra brings a certain level of energy to the field that certainly lights it up, regardless of whether she’s on the mound or in the batter’s box. When asked what made her want to start softball, she says, “I wanted to be good at a sport my mom used to play and regard highly.” Fast forward all those years and she says, “I never expected to play softball competitively”.

Similar to many athletes, Kendra plays more than one sport. She says that the time and effort she’s poured into softball has helped her develop skills and eventually become even more passionate about softball – which differentiates it from other sports she’s participated in, like volleyball and badminton. In her family, badminton is known as a family sport. So, when she decided to dedicate her time to softball, she knew she had to work extra hard to prove to herself that she made the right decision.

When asked what she enjoyed most about softball, she said that “there isn’t just one thing I enjoy.” However, she particularly treasures the aspect of being on a team, knowing that there are others going through the same process as you and working just as hard. She concluded by talking about the thrill that comes along with playing the game; whether you’re about to play or about to pitch, that excitement remains. The Filipino term “gigil”, which typically translates to “irresistible urge”, is usually used by teams that Kendra M. competes and plays in outside of school, and it is an accurate depiction of the thrill she described.

When asked what she looks forward to most in softball as a freshman, she stated that it is “being able to work with this group of people because they seem like such a good group. Despite working with them for only a couple of weeks, the dedication, spirit, and commitment that I see is incredible. This makes me excited.” She says that overall, being a part of this environment motivates her because she knows how important it is for the team to become better. She added that seeing how well they improved last year and their outcome pushed her to work harder to improve on her own skills to match their level of intensity.