The Return Of The Jonas Brothers

Article by: Amelie de Leon

Visual by: Yana P.

Edited by: Kody T. and Justin S.

The early 2000s, a period known for its low rise jeans and Tamagotchi pets, had its fair share of unforgettable bands. From The Black Eyed Peas to NSYNC, these bands dominated the pop industry. One of these iconic bands was the Jonas Brothers.

For those who watched the Camp Rock movies religiously, enticed by Joe Jonas’ “shag” hairstyle or Nick Jonas’ song, “Introducing Me”, you may be well aware of them.

Composed of Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas, the pop-rock band formed in 2005 and quickly became a nationwide sensation. Known for their hits such as “Burnin’ Up”, they gained a strong following almost immediately. At the peak of their career however, the group officially broke up in 2013 due to “artistic differences”.

During their time apart, each member began pursuing their own solo careers– Joe singing for pop band DNCE, Nick pursuing his own singing career, and Kevin opting to remain out of the spotlight. This separation, although frustrating to fans, was necessary in helping the band heal and reunite as a trio, stronger than ever.

After 6 years of being apart, the group announced their comeback on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, but word also got around due to James Corden’s video trailer of their (soon to be uploaded) carpool karaoke. Many were ecstatic by this sudden announcement. When asked about her reaction to the announcement, sophomore Nika G. says that “I was so happy they were back together. I cried!! I’ve already listened to all their old songs and videos.”

To top things off, the band released their first single “Sucker”, along with its music video last Friday. The song’s upbeat and retro melody showcases the band’s changing music style. Incorporating Nick Jonas’ falsetto and Kevin Jonas’ whistles, the song is a promising start for the band. Audiences have already responded enthusiastically, seeing as the song is already 2nd on the Top Charts of Spotify.

In addition, the music video is everything fans have been waiting for. Its bright and flamboyant atmosphere is fresh and modern. Set in a fancy mansion, the brothers and their partners parade around the mansion grounds in ornate gowns and colourful headdresses. Fans have continually raved about the brothers’ choice in featuring their partners. Sophomore Chloe V. adds that “I was really excited to see the entire Jonas family together. It was especially nice to see Nick and Priyanka together. The music video seemed like a family reunion!”

With this in mind, we look forward to the music the band will be making. They’re Burnin’ Up!