Spotlight on Rocio T., Four-Year IASAS Drama Delegate

Article By: Joaquin P.

Edited By: Woosuk K.

ISM’s student body is filled with many dynamic pursuits and talents. Some are skilled multi-sport athletes. Others excel with their academic pursuits. Some are born leaders, their names splattered all over the CAS leadership spreadsheet. However, a select few are seemingly talented at everything they do – ISM Senior Rocio T. is an example of such. Some may know her as the National Honor Society vice-president. Others are familiar with her from the many cycling classes she teaches on her own time. However, one of her most significant accomplishments was being ISM’s only IASAS Cultural Convention four-year drama delegate this year, having performed with ISM’s top actors and actresses in the drama convention for her four years of High School.

Rocio is no stranger to the world of acting and drama, and shows flexibility while doing such. According to Ms. Monsod, ISM’s drama teacher, “Rocio can play both dramatic and comic characters.” A former drama teammate of hers, ISM alumna Sophia Q., describes her “constant enthusiasm, and her willingness to do her best and ensure that others do their best too” as defining forces behind Rocio in a dramatic setting. “She’s always had this energy and drive that is infectious, and that’s what was so great about working with her and being her friend,” recounts Sophia.

This year, Rocio and her fellow IASAS Drama delegates traveled to Bangkok in order to perform Boudica, a play about the Roman colonization of the island of Great Britain. At the IASAS send-off assembly given to delegates, Cultural Convention sponsor Mrs. Hillman made sure to give Rocio a special acknowledgment in front of the whole school in recognition of her four years as a participant at Cultural Convention. After the trip to Bangkok and the wrap up of this year’s production, those involved in the performance were quick to acknowledge the efforts of Rocio throughout her dramatic journey. “Working with Rocio is incredible because she is so focused and committed to making a piece be as amazing as possible,” expressed Sofia C., a fellow performer and batchmate of Rocio. “She is constantly bringing insightful ideas and funny moments to the team. She is so significant to the team I think without her we would often lose focus and trail off, or our pieces wouldn’t be as great. Working with her gave me a best friend, and I am so thankful to have gotten the chance to do IASAS with her it was such an amazing experience.”

Ms. Monsod, the drama director at ISM, was effusive and delighted to talk about Rocio as an actress, speaking with very high regard for her performer. “She works from a place of love,” said Ms. Monsod. “The harder you challenge Rocio, the stronger she gets. You might push her to a point at which others might give up, but Rocio won’t. She will take the heat, work until she masters the skill, and then thank you for it!” Remarking that “courage, creativity, humility, and commitment are hallmarks of Rocio’s craft,” she described an example during Rocio’s first Cultural Convention performance. “Her role in the 2016 IASAS Dance-Drama is especially memorable to me: the death of her character, a playful child in the midst of war, totally devastated our audiences, both during previews and at the Cultural Convention.” This amount of demonstrated talent by students like Rocio is clearly what allows ISM’s student body to stand out.