The Most Stressful Thing Every Grade Is Going Through Right Now

Article by: Lauren Z.

Visual by: Rafatul I.

As IASAS Culcon participants return to find work piling up, or as seniors cram for their mocks, the recent wave of stress among our high school community has been palpable. Whether you’re a freshman or senior, stress is valid, and it comes in all different forms. We interviewed several high schoolers to find the greatest sources of stress for them at the moment.


When senior Sam. M was asked about his main source of stress, he replied, “Sitting in an exam room for 3 hours is going to be a first and not something I’m looking forward to; my biggest worry is entering the loft house with nothing in my head. January and February were busy with a heap of assessments, so I haven’t been preparing much for mocks. Also constantly worrying about college is piling on more stress.”


With the juniors well into their second semester of the IB, many of its requirements have become more daunting. Junior Omar K. Says, “Personally I believe that one of the most stressful factors of Junior year is completing the Extended Essay required by the IB. It’s time-consuming, and prioritized in Junior year. Also, to me, Grade 11 is ideally the first step to show your teachers how you really perform in class so that they can come up with a predicted grade of what you deserve. These are by the far the two most stressful components for me personally as they always it will have a knock-on effect on your Senior year”.


As the sophomores continue their transition into the second semester of their second year of High-school, the disparity between Freshman year and Sophomore year can be more noticeable. Sophomore Kody T. says, “Currently, I’m probably most stressed about the AP mock exams and just thinking about next year. With the IB, there’s so much more freedom with our classes but that freedom’s a bit terrifying to think about.” Sophomore Suman P. adds, “Right now our AP mocks are coming up, and for me, the Trigonometry unit for math is speeding up, and many English assessments are coming up as well. Things seem to be piling up.”


Finally, as the Freshmen adjust more to Highschool and the work it entails, an anonymous Freshman says, “balancing extracurriculars can be difficult alongside schoolwork, especially compared to Middle School.”

Seeing as we’re already well into March, we only have several months before summer begins. Although stress is an intrinsic part of Highschool, it’s also temporary! Good luck to the seniors with their mocks, the Juniors with their IB courses, and the Sophomores and Freshmen with their co-curricular commitments and classes!