The Pros and Cons of Workout Buddies

Article by: Putra W.

Visual by: Elena D.

Gym-ing is an excellent way to keep healthy and relieve stress after a long, tiring day at school. Though most people use this time to isolate and concentrate on themselves, many believe that working out with others can be very beneficial. In terms of physical health benefits, “one study found that 95 percent of those who started a weight-loss program with friends completed the program, compared to a 76 percent completion rate for those who tackled the program alone. The friend group was also 42 percent more likely to maintain their weight loss” (Steinhilber). Mentally, group workouts can be good mood-boosters as they allow the greater release of endorphins (Steinhilber).

Elaborating on the benefits of group workouts in the gym, senior Kim. H, an avid gymmer, asserts, “Gym buddies help motivate and push you. Since you’ll be doing similar workouts, they’re able to watch out for you and make sure your form is right. However, it’s only helpful if you have a buddy that can actually concentrate and productively workout with.” Senior Katie H. contrasts this thought and says, “It can be intimidating at times watching more seasoned athletes conducting exercises at a much greater level than you. I just think it’s important to follow your own pace and perhaps train with somebody supportive at your own level, or slightly above so they can guide you through the process.

Group workouts can be favorable in exercise environments outside the gym as well. An anonymous junior states, “I do indoor cycling a couple times a week and the experience would not be the same without a large group. The camaraderie and vibrant spirit that is created as we push each other to complete a grueling workout is unbelievable. Other people can definitely help you keep accountable if you end up slacking off.”

Senior Alex L. shares, “Exercising with buddies can be extremely fun as you can exchange workouts with each other to keep your plans new and interesting. Many times I found myself unmotivated and bored with the same exercises so I’m always really interested to see what other people have creatively come up with.”

Group workouts are a valuable way to sustain excitement and interest while exercising. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in my mind who your buddy is and whether or not you can workout productively with them.


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