Looking Back On Softball Pre-IASAS

Article by: Carolina M.

Edited by: Cecilia I.

Visual by: Issy P.

Three weeks ago, our season three athletes travelled to the various IASAS schools for pre-IASAS exchange. Badminton was held in Bangkok, baseball in Singapore, track and field in Taipei, and softball at home in Manila.

Over the course of pre-IASAS, our softball team did their best against the Taipei American School (TAS) and the two other local teams. Sophomore outfielder, Silvana D. says this weekend has been, “really good and an overall fun weekend, but it was also tiring and stressful at the same time.” Like all sports, there is a certain type and level of stress that comes along with playing, however, Silvana D. describes playing softball during pre-IASAS as, “not your typical bad or school related stress, it was good and acceptable stress because you’re dedicating time into something you enjoy.”

Something that is similar about last year and this year’s team is that it is relatively young. This year the team is composed of one senior, four juniors, 10 sophomores, and four freshmen. Not only does this mean that it is a big team, as only nine players are on at one time and 12 are taken to IASAS, but it also means that there is a large variety of returning and new players. Janna H., a multi-sport athlete, alike to Silvana D., and new to softball says, “personally, my first softball exchange was a really great, exciting and new experience! Not only did I become more familiar with the sport, but it also bonded all of us as a team.”

To an outsider, softball can be seen as long and dull, however, Janna H. points out that “the team dynamics and how quick the team bonds is so different from other sports”. She adds, “the sport is mentally straining and harder than many would expect.” In softball, the coaches remind them to have a “short memory” during the game so that when errors have been made, they don’t dwell on them for too long and affect how they play. On the other hand, they are also encouraged to have an an analytical and long memory, so that after games, they can think back, make adjustments and develop into a better player. Silvana D. says that “something I enjoyed about pre-IASAS, was the learning aspect after all the games because it isn’t always about winning or losing at exchange. You continue to grow, and after each game you set a personal goal for yourself to do better and focus on for the next game.”

Gabie O. says “The overwhelming amount of love everyone in the team has for each other and how every single person in the team is so supportive of one another, is what drives us to strive for greatness, whether we’re in a game or just in practice.” Softball is very much a team sport because everyone works together as each inning is a clean slate to hit, run, score, or field, catch and get the out.