Miguel Syjuco Visits ISM

Article by: Kody T.

Next week, Filipino author and journalist Miguel Syjuco is visiting ISM to hold workshops as well as readings from his upcoming novel, his second after Illustrado, winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize. Syjuco’s visit doesn’t come as a sudden event. In fact, for six years now, Mr. Syjuco has visited the ISM community where it has become a tradition for him to give both workshops and readings.

In addition to his visits, Mr. Syjuco has been making his impact on the ISM community through the creative writing course, Explore Writing. Conducted through e-mail correspondence, the elective class, Explore Writing with Miguel Syjuco, allows students in the 10th grade to have their work supported and reviewed by him, through a series of writing projects, culminating in a final in-person meeting with him during next week. For the students who take the course, most are enthused about finally having the opportunity to meet Syjuco in person.

“Since I’ve been receiving feedback for the entire year and doing these projects, it’ll be great to finally see him in person and learn from his experience,” was what Priyasha C., one of the students taking class said. The projects included a variety of different writing formats, including short stories, poetry, and even fictional news articles.

Priyasha wasn’t the only one among Mr. Syjuco’s students to be excited about his visit.

“I’m hoping to gain insight and advice to hone my writing skills,” said Amelie L., another 10th grader taking the course. “I’m excited to finally see him in person because he’s mainly contacting through email.”

While his in-person feedback may primarily be for the students of his writing course here at ISM, his readings next week are open to the ISM community, including a reading and discussion on his journalism taking place on Wednesday March 27th from 3 – 4 pm in HS Library where all are welcome to attend. In addition , there will be a reading from his recent book at lunchtime on Friday March 29th for Seniors, Juniors and teachers.