The Anatomy Of An ISM Girl: A Look Into The Trends Of Our Student Body

Article by: Megh B.

Edited by: Lauren Z.

Featured visual by: Patrick P.

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As a girl at ISM, there’s a uniformity between what we wear and like. Most of these “essentials” are based on pop culture, inspired by popular Youtubers like Emma Chamberlain, Hannah Meloche, Summer Mckeen, and more.

Walking into ISM and seeing a myriad of girls with scrunchies on their wrists is becoming the norm. Phrases such as “tea,” “sis,” or “facts,” are all just elements that consist of the vast culture that we have here ISM.

While walking to classes or in the Kantina, the trends sweeping through the ISM student body are evident. Pop culture has noticeably diffused throughout our school’s population. Girls nowadays look up to celebrities, Youtubers, and internet personalities as style icons, or even just as inspirations.

One student, wishing to remain anonymous, commented on the trends within our school, bringing up a fair point: “I think it’s fun to know that we all have similar likes and dislikes,” she said, “but at the same time, people don’t have a sense of originality anymore. It’s really just like we’re all trying to mimic one another and be the same person.”

Other students, however, see it as a way to express themselves within the boundaries of our school uniform, and enjoy the idea of following fads alongside their peers.

Scrunchies & Airpods

The first trend that we see within our school is the use of scrunchies. The “scrunchie-trend” was revived from the 90s by Youtubers such as Emma Chamberlain. Scrunchies are often sported in the hair and even more commonly as a bracelet-type accessory.

There is no doubt that music has a huge impact on the culture of ISM. With the popular rise of Apple’s airpods, and the memes surrounding it, airpods are a popular sight in ISM.

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White Sneakers

Girls will also commonly be seen sporting white Air Force 1s. A retro style of shoe that has re-emerged in the past couple years, students like to pair these with a variety of colorful and patterned socks. If not AF1s, students can be seen wearing a variety of white sneakers.

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Socks & Slides

Another trend you might see on the daily at ISM is that of socks and slides. Although socks and sandals are a huge fashion faux pas, athletes and other students have brought this back into style as a quick, comfortable way to get around school. This look is especially popular around exam season!

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Photo Credits to @milanastano via Instagram

Swell & Hydroflasks

With the humid climate of Manila, every student should be equipped with a water bottle. A few of the most popular brands thus far has been Swell and Hydroflasks. One benefit of having a water bottle like this is that they promote insulation for either hot or cold liquids. Moreover, they are very aesthetically pleasing, which is why they are especially popular among the student body.

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Photo credits to @pullnow2002 via Pinterest

All in all, ISM is a hotbed of different trends and fads, all coming together to form our diverse student body.