What’s So Great About Glossier?

Article by: Amelie L.

Edited by: Meg B. and Sacha B.

Visual by: Jasmine R.

Picture a girl walking in the school hallway. Her cheeks sparkle and glow from her peach blush. Her brows are feathery and smooth. Her skin is moisturized and natural, but still remains flawless and blemish free. She captures the attention of those around her almost immediately. Can you see it?

This girl is what many have tried to emulate. Known to some as the “Glossier aesthetic,” this style has grown increasingly popular amongst many students of the ISM community. The makeup and skincare line of “Glossier” helps in promoting natural, “no-makeup” products under the tutelage of CEO Emily Weiss. Instead of simply covering your face with foundations and creams, the brand aspires to enhance your natural features through their products.

With all that this brand claims to be, why wouldn’t you want to buy from their ever-growing line of products? In this article, we’ll be looking through the hype surrounding the brand, attempting to dissect the truth.

Glossier’s products, although continually raved about by some, has gotten a fair share of criticism. An anonymous junior reveals that: “Their products are mediocre. I know tons of other brands that can recreate the same products for cheaper and with larger packaging.” Glossier’s prices range from $15 to $30 (converted to 700 to 1,500). For those with a student allowance, these products can be a huge investment. On top of this, they are held in small containers, leaving customers wanting more as soon as they’ve tried it on. One of the brand’s top-rated products: Cloud Paint (a cream blush) provides a mere 10 ml — the equivalent of a makeup sample, but at full price.

These criticisms, however, are easily ignored by many. One reason for this is their marketing campaign. An anonymous sophomore states that: “Glossier’s not only a makeup line. It’s more of a lifestyle and aesthetic.” The portrayal of the ‘Glossier aesthetic’ is deeply rooted in the brand’s marketing campaigns, which have greatly stimulated customers in purchasing their products. Along with their huge following on Instagram, the brand’s “Get Ready With Me” videos on Youtube are one of the many strategies that have helped in promoting the brand’s aesthetic. In these videos, Glossier films models and influencers waking up and getting ready for the day while using Glossier’s products in their daily routines. With some videos reaching more than 2 million views, customers rave about the video series. The same anonymous sophomore adds that “these ‘glossier girls’ exude confidence and beauty, something every girl wants to achieve. As it has become such a huge trend, customers, especially ISM students, find themselves inclined to buy the products.”

Could this be the true reason behind Glossier’s fame? Let us know what you think.