Another Senior Milestone: The Last IASAS

Article by: Sam M.

Edited by: Margarita T.

Photo from: Sam M.

With only 8 school days left for the batch of 2019, the seniors are nearing another milestone: their last IASAS ever. For some, this may be their first or second time to participate in an IASAS. For others, it is their eighth or ninth. But as the much anticipated third season tournaments approach on April 10 through 14, many of ISM’s seniors will be travelling out of Manila for their last time. The golfers will head to Indonesia with the badminton players. Meanwhile, track and field athletes will be at Taipei, and the softball and baseball players will travel to ISB. For most team members, the main goal is to bring home the gold, but the seniors are aiming to leave a legacy and create a memory that they can cherish forever.

All of ISM’s senior athletes plan to bring their A-game to the fields, courts and courses. Badminton is one of the most competitive sports in IASAS, and the Taipei Tigers have defended the gold for the past few years. Despite this, the senior Badminton players are still heading to Jakarta with their heads held high. Two-time IASAS Badminton player Elisabeth C. says, “For my last IASAS, I really just want to enjoy it and make sure that I leave it all on the court next week. To me, losing is fine as long as I know I put a good fight into it. So next week, I just want to give each game my everything and cherish my last few moments on the court.”

Track and field athlete Mikhayla G. will be running at Taipei American School for the last time, but her will to improve is as strong as ever. She notes that with any IASAS, you will want to improve, and that the great thing about track is that the results are easily quantified. Mikhayla plans to set more PBs (personal best times) in all her events. However, many of the seniors on the IASAS teams are charged with a very important job other than doing their best: being role-models. As captain this year, Mikhayla notes the “increased responsibility” that she has and aims to support her team in all aspects.

Turning to the golf players, Luca, Kishan and Byeong have been half of the ISM boys golf team for the past four years. Byeong strongly declares that they now want “nothing but gold.” He notes that throughout the four years, he thought they were already considered good; however, with new talent coming into high school every year, greater skills and competitiveness are driving the golf team closer and closer to the gold.

The class of 2019’s IASAS athletes and delegates all share one feeling in common which, as Byeong stated, is that “there’s never gonna be another IASAS, and [we’re] all gonna miss the competition and friendships that going to IASAS has allowed us to experience.” The Bearcat community thanks you, seniors, for your dedication and commitment to representing ISM at IASAS and wishes the best of luck to everyone competing in Taipei, Bangkok, and Jakarta!