Graduating Athletes

Article by: James Y.

Edited by: Cecilia I.

Visual by: Elena D.

For our dedicated and hardworking seniors, the end of the third quarter marks a hectic period where mocks, college applications, and finals forms an endless cycle of juggling school work over extracurriculars. Above all, their desire to leave a lasting legacy for our underclassmen to follow remains undoubtedly headstrong. However, for our graduating athletes who have represented ISM over the past three seasons, to graduate means leaving a lasting impression both in and out of the classroom.

The idea of investing oneself in representing the school’s unity in athletics has driven most of the graduating batch to contribute countless hours on the field, court, and pool to fully maximize their athletic potential. Yet, with all sports played on the varsity level being considered team sports, this drive is likewise motivated by an altruistic desire to see a team’s collective efforts be rewarded.

When asked about the legacy of his contribution to the track team as a sprinter with experience as a team captain, senior Chase K. believes the most important aspect would be “the mindset instilled by seniors upon the incoming underclassmen which will in turn reflect the team atmosphere in track after graduation.” With every athlete, observing personal feats coming into fruition at IASAS offers a sense of fulfilment of their responsibility as upperclassmen, whose “contributions will teach underclassmen about what is expected to perform well.” Inspired by his motivation to lead by example, the seniors measure their success as not only based upon their own achievements, but also through how well their successors perform in the same pursuit from their guidance.

Likewise, Varsity Volleyball and Baseball Coach Thibodeau shares a similar perspective on the importance of developing a long lasting team dynamic. He notes that “any good sports or training program is one that is not dependant on an individual senior’s skill or talent” but instead one that fosters “universal values and skills,” that does not falter when team members move on. While there is a sentimental aspect of losing a valuable asset to the team dynamic that has been nurtured prior, the importance of “fostering the longevity of the program,” remains the ultimate goal.

With the last IASAS events of the school year soon approaching, it is important to congratulate the participating athletes who have achieved this feat, but also to remember and keep in touch with the graduating seniors, and alumni who have made ISM unwavering success amongst other schools possible.