Meet The Dog Moms of ISM

Article by: Beatriz C.

Visual by: Sofia B. and Jerico B.

The ISM community absolutely adores dogs and a lot of that admiration comes from the loving ‘dog moms’ so known in the community. According to Pet Central, a dog mom is a pet owner who plans their daily life around their pet’s schedule, always brings them up in conversations and delightfully spoils their dog. Now, it is no doubt that this is just a starting point for the characteristics of a dog mom, and it is even clearer that ISM is full of dog moms! Due to this large group in the ISM society, BT decided to interview some of them to find out more about what being a dog mom truly involves.

If there is one thing that dog moms love to do, is celebrate their dog’s birthday. Senior Ursula R. described the celebrations for her dog, “usually, if it’s a weekend, we’ll wait until midnight and sing to her. She also loves beef so she’ll get extra on her birthday!” Other ways dog moms celebrate the special day is by giving them presents, dressing them in party hats and baking them special dog cupcakes. Sophomore Reva K. said she celebrated her dog’s birthday by “inviting some of his dog friends over and letting him go wild in the swimming pool which he loves.”

Another important part of the dog culture is dressing their dogs in costumes depending on the holidays. Ursula’s dog receives a special costume for Christmas. ”My cousin’s dogs come over and they all dress like reindeers. The costumes have little bells on them so you can hear them when they run, and it’s super cute!”

More than anything though, dogs are constant sources of love and support to their owners, which is why they are so loved in the community. Giving your pet affection and spoiling it every once in a while will never be a bad thing, especially because of all that they do for us. Dogs are true heroes, when it comes to being a loyal friend, and retribution to them cannot be expressed better than giving them the same loyalty. Reva K. says that “I pretty much do everything with my dog, because he’s such a huge aid when I’m stressed. I’m just constantly chilling with him, even when I’m not actively doing anything, he’s always around as a source of comfort and love for me.”

Give your pets some special love and attention today! Enjoy your week Bearcats!



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