NHS: Smile Week Recap

Article by: Kirtana D.

Edited by: Justin S.

Visual from: National Honor Society

It is that time of the year when the National Honor Society (NHS) organizes their annual Smile Week. NHS is one of the many honor societies and each year they hold their fundraiser to raise funds for their service partner Operation Smile, helping provide surgeries for less fortunate children with cleft palate.

Typically, the Smile Week fundraisers consist of selling a number of different merchandise such as succulents, stress balls and other items along with the Senior Auction. However, this year the Senior Auction was replaced by a thrift shop where various clothes were sold throughout the week. This came as a surprise to many as the Senior Auction was very popular among Bearcats and garnered a lot of support. Sana S. (12), a council member of NHS, says, “Last year the senior auction was shutdown and Sponsor a Smile was implemented as we believed the senior auction did not accurately represent our goals and values as a society. Despite this, I believe some stigma still remained around Sponsor a Smile and therefore we sought to come up with a completely new idea for fundraising. This brought us to coming up with the Shop for Smiles thrift shop and the thermometer. They were ideas that were sustainable and could appeal to the rest of high school while also being different from the typical fundraising.

NHS members have an important role in making Smile Week, the main fundraiser of the year of the organization, a success. When asked about this, Sally J. says, “I do think that members have to be involved fully in order for the event to be successful. This year, we decided to sell NHS merchandise along with other stuff like stress balls, succulents etc. Members were responsible for selling these things and promoting the event in general. Since we also opened a thrift store. all members were responsible for bringing in good quality clothes and selling them. Some members made extra contributions by staying after school to fix the prices for the clothes.” Raina S. (12), another member of NHS added, “We also invited people to model clothes which allowed us to spread the news about this event.”

This year’s Smile Week was very successful. Raina S. says, “This year’s Smile Week has certainly been different than previous years. The cacti seem to have been really popular and we have raised a lot of money based on that alone. While I think that our Smile Week has been successful, I believe the Senior Auction was more fun for Bearcats. Maybe next year, we could bring back the Senior Auction, along with the thrift shop!” Sally J. echoes this sentiment, identifying some room for definite improvement: “Since, this was our first year doing the thrift shop, I believe there were some ups and downs, but hopefully there will be improvements along the way. I think one improvement that could be made next year is bringing in more boys clothes so that it will be more inclusive. I would say that about 90% of the clothes that were brought in were for girls so maybe next year, we can get more inclusive clothing!”

Smile Week is definitely something to look forward to, with many exciting events. If you missed it this year, don’t forget to support Smile Week and other NHS events next year!