Look Out For: Senior Prank Day

Article by: Richa S.

Edited by: Carmel L.

Visual by: Sofia B. and Jerico B.

As we approach the end of yet another remarkable school year, our seniors have a lot to look forward to. One of these exciting events is Senior Prank Day. Before each senior class graduates and embarks on an exciting new journey as college freshmen, it is tradition that they leave a mark on their high school community by pulling pranks on their peers, and even their teachers, as a means of celebrating their final day as high schoolers. This year, Senior Prank Day is on Friday, April 26, which gives our seniors two whole weeks to plan one of the most-anticipated events of the school year. We interviewed some current seniors who wish to share some of their Senior Prank Day experiences from the past, as well as advice on how to make the most of the day, even if you’re not a senior.

In order for this day to be perfect, a copious amount of planning is inevitable. When asked about the behind-the-scenes planning, senior Putra W. revealed that “council has already started planning the event!” He also added that the council will be involving as many seniors as possible in the planning process “in order to gather some of the most clever ideas for pranks that we can pull on other batches.” When asked to comment about the convenience of the pranks, Putra confirmed that the seniors will “steer clear of inconvenient pranks because we want to make the day enjoyable for all grade levels, and not just the seniors.”

When asked to reminisce about their favorite prank experience in the past, senior Regina G. immediately mentioned the frat party that the class of 2016 threw in the Kantina during their senior prank. “I was a freshmen when this happened, and luckily I didn’t get pranked that year because the seniors thought I was a middle schooler,” Regina recollected. “Although I was confused and slightly scared at first, I thought it was very-well organized. I specifically remember the seniors welcoming people into their “party” with plastic necklaces, which was quite nice,” she added. Similar to Regina, senior Tanvi A. talked about a memory from when she was in middle school. “In 8th grade, I remember the class of 2015 putting ducks everywhere and I really liked that.” When asked about plans for this year, Tanvi confirmed that underclassmen have nothing to worry about. “Even though it’s a classic, we probably won’t use too much vaseline because that can be pretty annoying and difficult to clean up.”

We hope you were able to gain some insight into the plans for this year’s prank day. Although this year’s Senior Prank Day is still in the making, one thing is for sure: the seniors are all set to leave a legacy.