Blind Date Play Recap

Article by: Mayako K.

Edited by: Woosuk K.

Theater is a popular activity amongst the high school students of ISM. With many dedicated actors and actresses striving to showcase their talent through IASAS or the high school play, many ISM students dedicate countless hours to developing their theatrical skills. Last week Friday marked a very exciting moment for the ISM student drama community when the play “Blind Date,” directed and written by ISM senior Georgia L. and junior Sandro L., was performed in the AMR.

Georgia L. one of the directors says, “I wanted to give students who are interested in theater a chance to be part of a production in the second semester and bring together the ISM theater community.” Georgia said she “realized that our high school only does one inclusive play a year, so if you don’t make IASAS in the second semester, there isn’t really another opportunity to fully pursue theater after the HS play.” She says, “I really love being a part of productions, and since I didn’t have an opportunity to be in one for my last few months of high school, I decided to create my own.”

On a similar note, Sandro says that “by doing this play we were able to create an experience for those kids culminating with a production that they were able to do for their family and friends. This play also allowed for us to build and foster the growing theatre community in ISM.” Students from grades 9-12 were able to improvise various scenes, helping to write the script and create characters. The process was overall very inclusive and the whole cast contributed ideas to the script.

With any project, setbacks are a given. In the “Blind Date” play, the directors dealt with a lot of setbacks. Sandro mentioned that “the hardest part for [him] was directing. Direction entails having control over every aspect of the stage. When you have so many people on stage at the same time, it is a challenge to control everything that is going on even if you want to.” Furthermore, Georgia added how the “play was supposed to be done around Christmas time, but then we pushed it to Valentines, and then we pushed it to the first week of April.” It was especially hard to “push forward a project that was entirely self-motivated without any adult support.” In fact, the week before the show, two actors were in the hospital and the play needed to be rewritten to adapt to these circumstances.

Sandro and Georgia decided that the best way of using the proceeds was to donate to  One Million Lights (OML), an organization that some ISM students are a part of. OML is an organization that distributes solar lamps to underprivileged communities in the Philippines who don’t necessarily have access to electricity. Sandro expressed his excitement with being able to partner with OML as he has “worked with OML in their light distributions and when we were trying to figure out a beneficiary for the play we only thought it was natural to partner with the organization.”

With enthusiastic theater students such as Georgia and Sandro taking initiative and starting up their own project, it goes to show that if you have an idea, take action! ISM is the perfect outlet for any creativity is the community.