Article by: Joaquin P.

Edited by: Joaquin M. + Justin S.

ISM provides its students with a plethora of opportunities to express their skills and talents in many different fields. In order to recognize and enrich the talent of its best dancers, the school has a group called the Dance Company that puts on performances for the Bearcat community. Their biggest event of the year is the highly-anticipated 100% performance, put on in the fourth quarter. It serves as an opportunity for the Dance Co. performers to put all their skills together and work with each other to choreograph and execute dances to fit a theme. This year’s theme was “Into the Jungle,” which followed the MCs of the show as they tried to escape a jungle. While attempting escape, they encountered the creatures who called the jungle home, portrayed by the Dance Co. members.

For members of Dance Co., this event is more than just a performance; it is a unique bonding experience with their “family.” After working together for the whole year, this performance is the culmination of the chemistry between the dancers. “Dance Co. is more than just a dance team. We are a family, always there for each other no matter what,” remarked junior Devon B. “In Dance Co. there are endless amounts of support, encouragement and at the end of the day I always know my team has my back.” The dancers had to plan and rehearse for the show outside of school on their own time, and the many hours put into such activities allowed them to grow closer to each other.

With every annual 100% Dance Co. performance, there are new freshmen doing this for the first time. The experience of being a first-time performer, despite the hours of practice and preparation, was quite nerve-wracking to some as they worried about the possibility of committing errors and forgetting their moves. “My first 100% was very scary. Knowing you have 15 people counting on you is absolutely terrifying,” said freshman Jacque B., who made her 100% Dance Co. debut last Monday. However, according to her, the hardest part of 100% Dance Co. was not the constant rehearsing or this fear of making mistakes. Instead, she says that “[The hardest part of 100% Dance Co.] is knowing the fact that your seniors are having their last dance. It’s so hard to know that such lovely dancers will be leaving so soon. I’ve honestly gotten so attached to my fellow dancers and I don’t have a single regret in the world.” This attachment and chemistry demonstrated by the members of Dance Co. is clearly why they put on such a successful performance.