Seniors’ Last Stretch

Article by: Lauren Z.

Edited by: Carmel L. + Justin S.

With the end of a new school year comes a new beginning for the batch of 2019. In the coming months, our beloved seniors will begin their study leaves, sit their IB exams, and ultimately, graduate. With the IB exams approaching in early May, graduation, which once seemed impossibly far, is fast approaching.

When asked about his plans for study leave, Senior David Z. replied,  “I plan to really just allocate a few subjects to study a day, but most importantly, I’m hoping to get more sleep. As of now, I haven’t planned it out yet, but I might want to spend some downtime with my friends.” Senior Annika A. says, “I’m going to be revising Physics and Math, but I’m also going to try and enjoy the last high school senior break I have. I might go to the beach with a couple of friends or hang by the pool and relax.”

With the May IB exams looming, feelings of nervousness and apprehension tend to arise. When David. Z was asked about final exams, he replied, “I guess mock exams was a pretty good indication of the workload that these exams will bring. Of course they have lower stakes, but I feel that having gone through mocks will help me feel more mentally and emotionally prepared for the real ones.” On the other hand, Annika A. claimed, “I’m very nervous about exams, but I’m trying not to let it take a toll on me, so I can relish the last few moments I have as a high school student.”

Finally, when asked about the fast-approaching graduation, David Z. answered, “I feel both nostalgic and excited. I can’t believe I’m almost done with high school, so I’m really gonna miss a lot of the friendships and experiences I’ve had over the past four years. At the same time, I’m quite excited to experience what’s beyond HS, and I feel graduation is quite symbolic of that.” Similarly, Senior Annika A. thinks graduation will be a bittersweet experience, claiming, “I’m feeling a little sentimental obviously, but I’m also so excited for the other events moving forward. I’ve actually not thought much about graduation itself, but rather about taking my final IB exam, stepping into my last prom and going to Boracay!”

Good luck to all the seniors studying for their May exams! Though our high school corridors may empty as they embark on their study leaves, the memory of the class of 2019 will never be lost.