ISSBA Candidates 2019-2020

Meet your ISSBA candidates for SY 2019-2020! Scroll to see their posters and read their answers to the question, “why are you applying for council?”

Presidential Pool

Keerthana B.

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Throughout HS I have seen ISSBA being an active part of every activity, assembly and student event. Growing up in such a diverse  and talented community, since grade 1, means that I have seen and experienced many aspects of student life at ISM. Especially in High School, the way in which people interact with each other and the school changes vastly over the four years, this means that the needs and concerns of the student body is ever changing. At the same time, I have also experienced aspects that I myself want to see improved, such as the community spirit both within grades and the HS as a whole. As someone who is very outgoing and approachable I often find myself invested in what the concerns of other people are and consistently wanting to be able to bring those up. To me ISSBA means not only addressing these concerns at a greater platform, but also being an active part of making ISM the welcoming and unique community that I know it to be.


Norbu L.

ISSBA Poster

I am applying because I wish to contribute as much as possible to the community of ISM that I have grown up in all my life because I feel a strong sense of connection and pride with this school and intend to be an asset to developing it in the future. I believe that I have strong leadership qualities and will do the best of my abilities to strengthen the ISSBA council and complete my responsibilities on time and well executed.


Martin J.


I am applying for council because of a wish to represent the student body. Judging from my experience at ISM, I feel that certain key aspects of the population are underrepresented, and that my character is the best suited to bring those to light.


Bryan P.


There’s something at ISM that rarely gets addressed. I get why though – it’s an issue that is so easy to sweep under the rug. ISM is filled with extremely talented people and has an evident “culture”. However, in spite of this, we lack a well-defined and evident sense of community. Everybody knows each other, but we also don’t. It’s easy to just ignore this and just go on with our lives, but this passive attitude won’t make us better off.  

Over my three years at ISM, I’ve been able to connect with many of my classmates and it’s been fulfilling to share and learn about the different quirks of my peers. I want to make sure that everyone is able to experience this same level of community and connectivity. It’s time to shift the focus away from grades and unhealthy competition – it’s time to appreciate ourselves.


Lauren Z.

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Since I’ve been at ISM for such a long period of time, I truly believe that I understand the school’s dynamic. Thus, I know how the school functions and what improvements need to be made. I have many ideas which I want to implement if I am elected, and improvements for the events ISSBA already handles. I also know that ISSBA is a great platform for change in our high school community, and thus I want to be part of the process. High School is undoubtedly an important period in one’s life, so I want to make it special for everyone. Finally, I’ve admired ISSBA from afar for a while now, and I think that I’d be fit for running assemblies, helping with BOB, and representing the high school body as I consider myself a vocal person.

Cabinet Pool

Harry B.


“I am applying to be a part of ISSBA as I believe I can make a great contribution to ISSBA by offering new and creative ideas to better the school life for everyone.”


Elise E.


I am applying for ISSBA because I want to make a change in ISM. I can see a divide between the student body and admin, and if I were a part of ISSBA I could help bridge this gap. I’m approachable and have the ability to make others feel welcomed, which would make it for easy for people to communicate their concerns with me. Because my mom is the Community Liaison Officer, I’ve had many opportunities to take on leadership roles such as planning events that integrate the Embassy community. These experiences have taught me how to organize successful events, which I think is an important skill for an ISSBA member. When I told my counselor I wanted to apply for ISSBA, she asked me what qualities I had to contribute, and when I was at a loss of words my friends chimed in. They said I am easy to talk to, make people happy and am a good balance between responsible and fun. These qualities would make a great addition to the council, and help me make a difference in the ISM community.


Doil H.

I am applying for council as I believe that I can contribute new ideas and plans to High School that can be of benefit to the entire student body.


Sarina M.


Because you guys mean a lot to me. Whether you’re a freshie or have senioritis, I care about you. I will reach out to listen to your concerns, and be a friendly conduit between the student body and administration. I will cooperate to propose innovate solutions, and do everything I can to ensure that high school is a place for you to feel comfortable and have fun being yourselves. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing you express yourselves in assemblies. I will work closely with each club and encourage communicating their voices. I promise to open opportunities to bring the high school family closer together, through giving chances for any of you to share your interests, and embrace your amazing personalities. I want to give back to the community I love, and grew up in for 11 years. Through my constant energy, optimism and extra-ness, I will give my all in serving this robust and diverse community, specially in events like BOB, for the life of High School to be elevated and remembered.


Liam R.

Liam Ramos ISSBA Cabinet Campaign Poster

“I’m applying for ISSBA council because I want to become a leader in the ISM community. I feel that being part of ISSBA is an extremely important job — being the connection between the students and the faculty/administration gives one a lot of responsibility in trying to improve the student’s life in as many ways as possible. I think as one of the ISSBA presidents, I could act as a role model for the ISM student body as well as be a voice for the students’ most pressing concerns and comments. I believe my previous experience as a class council president has given me a unique outlook on what it is like to lead the ISM community, that I could apply to my time as part of ISSBA.

I believe that not only will I be able to make an impact if I get a position in ISSBA, but it will also be an extremely fulfilling experience which will let me grow as a student, a leader, and a person.”


Adam Z.

I believe I can make change for the better regarding organizational structures, logistics with service partners and the interconnectedness within the school community