The Newest Sport in ISM: Cricket!

Article by: Kylie C.

Edited by: Cecilia I. and Justin S.

Visual by: Somya D.

Cricket has recently been introduced as a new sport for fourth season. As this is a new event, some may be apprehensive on how well it would work out. However, as there have been various sign ups from all high school grade levels, the sport seems to be growing into a success.

Keerthana B. (11) is one of the many people who signed up for this event. When asked about her first impression of cricket and motivation for joining, she replied, “I was excited because I really enjoyed playing cricket in PE and Team Sports, so an opportunity to continue this seemed like a really fun opportunity. I know there are a lot of people who enjoy playing cricket too, so I thought that it would be successful as far as attracting players.” It is clear that many people, especially those who have tried this sport out before either in fitness classes or in some other way, have enjoyed this sport. Vibhan M. (11) agrees, noting that he “thought this was a great event when I first heard about it. Cricket is a sport that many high school students have had experience with before but the opportunity to play…did not exist,” Cricket is a sport that most students have had encountered, but have never been able to fully pursue. Reeshee R. (11) adds to this, talking about his sustained enthusiasm for the sport, noting how “cricket was always a middle school activity” before and how he signed up because it seemed “like a fun experience. I also had nothing else to do for season four, and cricket would be a nice way to stay active and have fun.”

As for cricket’s future prospects as a season four sport, Reeshee believes that “since a lot of people signed up, I think it will be very popular. I hope it continues gaining traction.” Vibhan adds to this, noting that although the “sport will be a little less organized than the other sports we have at ISM,” he believes that “eventually, it should grow to become a large sport at ISM.” Cricket appears to be a viable and exciting option for students who are willing to try a new activity.