A Recap on Sophisticated

IMG_0194Article By: Catherine S.

Edited By: Ishani S.

Visual By: Kaye O.

As final exams come to a close, juniors and seniors have their prom to celebrate the end of their exams and to build long-lasting memories of high school. Similarly, sophomores have their own prom-like dance called Sophisticated. Sophisticated 2019 took place last Saturday on May 18– the culmination of over three months of hard work by the Sophomore Council, as well as various other committees that poured their energies into perfecting this event.

The planning stage began in January as the batch decided on their theme “1920s.” They then organized a decoration committee, an entertainment committee, and a food committee. Each committee spent hours trying to bring the batch’s vision of Sophisticated to reality. Suman P., a member of the decoration committee, recalls “I think we all planned it out really well. The items we brought really carried out well, with the execution being much more easier.” Thanks to the efforts of the decoration committee, the Little Theater was whisked back in time to the 1920s: full of flashing gold decorations, and glossy feathers, the venue truly looked like a Gatsby-esque party.

Entertainment also helped brighten up the night. With numerous sophomore musicians bringing the groove to the party, the duets and solos were met with loud applauses from the audience. Yvonne A., one of the musicians of the night, says “it was really fun to be able to jam with my friends.” The performances were truly a show of the amazing musical talents that the batch of 2021 possess. It was also an exciting experience for many of the musicians to share their talents. Food was another joy of the event, a prime example being the fancy appetizers that only heightened the elegant atmosphere of the night. All of the amazing details of Sophisticated were thanks to the hard work of the different committees.

One of the main goals of the event was to bring the batch together and have a chance to have fun with everyone. Sophisticated brought unity among the batch as students from different friend-groups got to dance together and sing to party music. A memorable moment for many was when students made a big circle and danced all together. It was a remarkable scene to see all of the batch to come together as one. Suman P. says, “we all went out of our comfort zone and it was very entertaining to have all the people dance together in circles. The shared experience and the memories we all had were uniting as a batch.” With this event, the batch has taken a new step in bonding with each other.

Many in the class of 2021 will treasure memories from Sophisticated 2019, an event that forged strong bonds and brought the vision of the batch to life in one fantastic night.