Athlete in Focus: Riho K.

Article By: Martin F.

Edited By: Lucas dV.

Visual By: Jasmine R.

With the school year ending in a few weeks, ISM waves goodbye to its senior athletes as they pursue higher education or new careers. While ISM’s sports community has lost some of its excellent members, the younger, ambitious freshmen look to fill their shoes. Riho K., who specialises in a multitude of sports, is one of those students. Despite being a freshman, Riho has had an illustrious first year in high school athletics.

Widely considered by her peers to be an excellent athlete, she has added yet another prestigious sporting event under her belt. Despite only being in ninth grade, she has already represented ISM at IASAS for three events: Soccer, Touch, and Track. Recently, she went further, not participating for ISM, but for the Philippine National Team in the Touch World Cup. While her skills as an athlete may seem nearly perfect, Riho has endured multiple challenges on her path to success. Beginning her touch career in 7th grade, Riho has played thousands of minutes on the field, spending her time training, winning, losing, refining her techniques – all while putting her best effort into her game.

Departing for Malaysia on April 28, Riho, together with her teammates, played against some of the most skilled touch players in the world. “Playing all those special people, it’s really hard,” Riho said in an interview. “Physically it’s hard, mentally, it’s even harder, especially if you lose,” she added. While Riho returned home together without a Touch World Cup Trophy, she has learned valuable lessons from this event. “It’s truly an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she said proudly.

Now that Riho has returned to her daily life in ISM, packed with stories to tell on the lunch table, she will continue to pursue her career as an athlete. What will the future hold for Riho?