Spotlight: VAC in ISM

Article By: Grace K.

Edited By: Gisele F.

Visual By: Alekhya R.

As the school year of 2019 slowly winds down, it’s time for us to take a look at one of ISM’s creative platforms: the Visual Arts Club (VAC).  This student-lead club’s main goal is to use art as a medium to reach out to the ISM community. VAC has had a lot of profound influence on the school as a whole. To name a few of their efforts, they volunteered to design school event posters to even painting murals in the Bearcat Cafe. Their admirable efforts continuously highlight the true beauty of our school, while still helping the community. Furthermore, their presence in ISM has inspired many students to creatively express themselves.

Current VAC council member, Bettina C., believes that VAC can “unite the artist community” and“tries to be inclusive of every student interested in art”. It also can “help promote our talent throughout the school”, she added. There have been numerous events that VAC has taken part in. Tohighlight a more recent and important one, they “run card and sticker sales to raise funds for [their] service partner, Papaya Academy.” This being said, the club was given the opportunity to host their own Saturday service, to which they invited Papaya Academy and organized fun-filled, art related activities. Aside from this and throughout the school year, other smaller, yet equally impactful activities were carried out, such as Doodle Sessions and ArtCade. Such activities give our school’s artists a place to connect as well as allow other student’s to gain new perspectives on art.

In addition, the annual art show hosted by VAC allows any student of the ISM community to display and showcase their art. Displayed at this event is a wide variety of artworks, ranging from sculptures to graphic designs and even photos.

As the weeks go by, the future of VAC continues to be bright. They have already started planning more projects, outreach programs and events for the coming school year. For future artists who seek to join VAC, Bettina C. advises to have a good level of “participation and enthusiasm”, as “we really love seeing people being eager to participate in our activities and the people who consistently take initiative.”

The VAC has, without a doubt, left a lasting mark on the Bearcat community. Without their countless efforts, there would be a big gap in our school’s creative outreach. Their initiatives influence our school’s creative output and our students’ day-to-day lives. Evidently,  VAC is definitely a club to watch out for. We cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us next school year.